Secure, Robust, Easy and Zero Upfront Costs. It’s a complete, affordable, hosted VoIP Service to streamline business communications, with zero upfront CAPEX or maintenance costs.

Completely Turnkey, Hosted VoIP Service

Virtual PBX VoIP offers a complete hosted solution providing a business phone system and high-speed Internet.Windstream Virtual PBX delivers a secure, robust and reliable network-based, carrier-grade solution, hosting your voice services on a cloud-based, geo-diverse communications platform. We bundle your business phone system, high-speed Internet, VoIP and data equipment and provide installation, maintenance, support, updates and more. Get a single, managed solution—all at an affordable monthly cost for single or multiple locations. It’s a cost-effective, scalable VoIP solution featuring voice prioritization (Quality of Service) and dynamic bandwidth allocation, perfect for mid-sized businesses needing to replace out-of-date equipment or equip new office locations. Optimize network performance and ensure reliable, secure, high-definition voice and data connectivity with Windstream Virtual PBX. 

CAPEX Savings; OPEX Predictability

Zero Capital Expense Virtual PBX Telecommunications

Virtual PBX offers convergence, scalability and full-service simplicity—with no upfront CAPEX—no PBX systems or equipment to purchase. Windstream owns and manages all the Virtual PBX IP phones and data equipment, software, and upgrades for predictable, managed OPEX—all on a single monthly bill. That includes maintenance and support, so there's no need to arrange separate maintenance contracts or hire extra specialized IT staff to keep a complex premises-based system up to date. It’s an affordable, cost-efficient solution and ideal for meeting demands for equipment, technology and application upgrades and network expansions to support business growth.

Virtual PBX Features

  • HD Voice Quality: Windstream's voice network and latest generation IP phone support crystal clear call quality
  • Advanced Choices: Users get the voice features needed to perform their jobs, including virtual and remote seat options 
  • Web Portal: Easy-to-use web portal and interactive dashboard with Admin and User levels provides flexibility and full control of system features and settings
  • Dynamic Bandwidth: Dedicated bandwidth options available in increments from 1.5 mb to 1G, and Internet bandwidth is maximized when voice is not being used
  • Unified Messaging: Voicemails can easily be sent in email or downloaded for safe-keeping in .wav files
  • Auto Attendant: Custom auto attendant efficiently routes calls
  • Find Me, Follow Me: Have calls routed to your desk phone and other phones such as your mobile device
  • Network Flexibility: Virtual PBX can be deployed across locations with Windstream provided access or customer provided bandwidth 

Virtual PBX Benefits

  • Convergence: Simplify with a single connection, integrating voice, data and networking over a single connection
  • Affordable: Lowers costs, shifting costly premises-based system capital expenses to affordable operational monthly expense
  • Reliability: More stable than traditional phone services due to the robust network and geo-redundant next-generation soft switch
  • Quality of Service: Leverage Windstream's secure IP network an on-premises integrated access devices to ensure the highest quality of service
  • Multiple Office Support: Consolidate your communications system and seamlessly connect headquarters with geographically dispersed locations
  • Security: Windstream's geographically diverse, redundantnetwork ensures dependable, secure connectivity
  • Business Continuity: Continuity and redundancy measures protect against loss, downtime and diminished brand reputation due to poor performance or infrastructure failures
  • Data Protection: Protected on Windstream's private MPLS network and in highly secure, environmentally controlled data centers
  • Scalability: Flexible and adaptive, easily add new stations, phones or locations to your Windstream hosted system as your business needs grow without significant CAPEX spend
  • Easy Upgrades: Windstream manages all of the server, network, and phone upgrades to keeping your system and product certifications up to date 
  • Customer Experience: Fully managed by Windstream's technology experts for superior end-to-end support before, during and after your transition to a cloud-based system