Designed. Delivered. Managed. Seamlessly integrate your enterprise real-time communications tools, designed, delivered and managed on a cloud-based, hosted Unified Communications (UC) platform, to securely communicate and collaborate across your enterprise.


Optimize Connectivity, Communication and Collaboration

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a robust, sophisticated solution unifying communications tools on a single platform—designed, delivered and managed by Windstream—and hosted in secure, enterprise-class data centers, accessible through the cloud.

We leverage feature-rich VoIP network and data technologies and integrate your communications tools. Users access voice, instant messaging, presence management, multi-site integration, collaboration and mobility, web and video conferencing, desktop sharing, unified messaging and other applications with a custom-designed, intuitive, user-friendly interface.

UCaaS Streamlines Communications

With the power of UCaaS, you’ll change the way people work across your enterprise and entire business ecosystem. Your employees including your geographically dispersed workforce, can connect, communicate and collaborate—no matter where they are, any time, using almost any communications device and application—on a standardized, resilient communications platform.

Streamline business processes, increase productivity, optimize workforce communications and collaboration, all at a lower cost with a Windstream Unified Communications as a Service—UCaaS solution.

Unified Communications as a Service diagram

UCaaS Minimizes CAPEX—Lowers OPEX and TCO

With UCaaS, you shift investments from on premises, capital-intense hardware to cost-efficient, hosted cloud-based services, minimizing CAPEX and lowering OPEX.

Lower carrier expenses, trunking charges, infrastructure costs and software licensing fees are among the bottom-line cost reductions most businesses quickly realize when moving to a UCaaS solution. Further, you cut costs for in-house technology, staffing, upgrades, maintenance and room environmental to increase ROI and lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

UCaaS from Windstream turns sizable capital expense into budget-friendly, pay-as-you-grow operating expense for reliable, secure, flexible Unified Communications—leveraging the latest technologies, applications and cost management solutions.

Find out how much you could save with UCaaS

Find out how much you could save with UCaaS

Use this ROI Calculator to gain a deeper understanding of the total cost of ownership between on-premises UC and cloud-based UCaaS. You’ll get a complete report that can serve as the foundation for your business communications and collaboration roadmap.


Streamlined office communications with UCaaS change the way people work in business.UCaaS is a Competitive Differentiator for Your Business

Windstream’s UCaaS offering helps drive positive business outcomes.  By seamlessly enabling your customers to interact with your organization in multiple ways and on virtually any device, UCaaS can help deliver a best-in-class customer experience. Positive customer experiences can have a direct impact on customer satisfaction scores, reducing churn, driving more revenue growth with existing customers, and ultimately, can be leveraged to attract new business.

Make Windstream Your UCaaS Provider

You get expert system management designed for your enterprise level needs, delivered by an award-winning UCaaS solutions provider. With a single point-of-contact, you gain access to Windstream’s comprehensive offering:

  • Strategic design and planning of your hosted UC system
  • Powerful, consistent delivery over a pervasive network
  • Expert management and problem resolution for your installation on the ground and your implementation in the cloud

UCaaS Features

  • Secure Hosting: Hosted in secure and environmentally controlled data centers
  • Quality of Service: MPLS network ensures the highest quality of service (QoS)—ensuring reliability, security and uptime
  • SLAs: 99.99% uptime guarantees
  • Redundancy: UCaaS platform automatic fails over to back-up data center in the event of interruptions
  • Full-Featured Solutions: Access full-featured Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions including CCaaS Quality Control analytics
  • Best-in-Class Partners: Mitel and Avaya partners provide additional service options
Mitel - UCaaS PartnerAvaya Edge - UCaaS Partner

UCaaS Benefits

  • Optimize Performance: Improve collaboration and productivity
  • Minimize CAPEX: Control and minimize capital expenditures
  • Lower OPEX: Reduce and manage operational expenses
  • Prioritize Resources:  Free up IT resurces to align and focus on business strategies
  • Manage Technology: Acquire and deploy new technology and gain a technology roadmap
  • Protect your Business:  Establish business continuity measures
  • Enhance Agility: Increase business agility by enabling a competitive infrastructure on which to build
  • Scale Bandwidth: Scale to adjust bandwidth speeds to address changing in business needs and seasonal fluctuations
  • Control Quality: Optimize call flow and routing with CCaaS Quality Control analytics 

UCaaS Video

With Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) designed, delivered and managed by Windstream, you have all the UC muscle and bandwidth without the bother of the box. Learn how this next generation, disruptive innovation delivers a competitive advantage for businesses of all sizes.

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