Streamlined Network Efficiency.VoIP service with voice and data delivered over a single SIP trunking connection dramatically streamlines network efficiency and lowers operating costs while offering built-in redundancy features.

SIP Trunking Optimizes VoIP Network Performance

SIP combines your voice and data on a single circuit to reduce your telecom costs.

Windstream SIP Trunking technology incorporates Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), establishing voice and data connectivity to Windstream’s private network. Our SIP Trunking services provide a VoIP connection between your IP PBX and and our next-generation softswitch to carry and route all communications—such as voice, data, video and instant messaging, over your data connection. It’s a reliable, cost-efficient alternative to separate, legacy TDM trunk lines that vastly improves utilization of network capacity. All of this can be provided with an Analog, PRI or SIP handoff to your phone system, which allows you to upgrade your service without spending large amounts of capital to replace your phone equipment.

Dynamic IP VoIP Service Features

  • Equally fast uploads and downloads
  • Voice with long distance and calling features
  • Any combination of voice, data and Internet
  • On-demand use of voice and data
  • Voice prioritization for Quality of Service
  • Delivered over a private, secure network with MPLS Service
  • Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling & More
  • SIP functionality

Dynamic IP VoIP with SIP Trunking Benefits

  • Reliability: More stable than traditional phone services due to the robust network and geo-redundant next-generation softswitch
  • Quality of Service: Advanced, fully redundant IP network that prioritizes your voice traffic above other traffic ensures the highest quality VoIP service
  • Centralized Access: Allows for termination of voice traffic at a single location that services remote locations, perfect for large customers who have their phone equipment hosted at their headquarters or in a data center
  • Unified Communications: Provides a gateway to creating an IP-based UC system—bringing together voice, data, instant messaging and application sharing
  • Survivability: Trunk-to-trunk overflow allows for multi-location survivability
  • Scalability: SIP Trunks are scalable and virtual, not physical, simplifying scaling and maintenance
  • Convergence: Integrates voice, data and networking over a single connection, efficiently delivering feature-rich VoIP and lowering costs
  • Cost Savings: Dynamic bandwidth allocation and the SIP Trunk compression feature provides the most efficient use of your bandwidth
  • Reduced CAPEX: IP PBXs save capital expense by not requiring customers to buy PRI cards for growth and also allowing utilization of existing, older non-IP based equipment due to PRI and analog hand-off capabilities
  • Flexibility: Windstream’s SIP Trunking service includes user features such as call forwarding and not reachable settings to allow users to never miss a call—at no extra cost
  • Future-Proof: Top-of-the-line IP PBX systems offer next generation features like mobile applications, call center support, accounting applications and call recording, and Dynamic IP makes it easier to take advantage of these services or even upgrade to Virtual PBX

See the broader picture. Let’s optimize your entire WAN.

Managing the full WAN environment, including MPLS IP VPN, Internet, Switched Ethernet, broadband links, wireless, voice and other connections is no simple task. Why not leverage our team of highly trained network engineers to maintain, monitor and manage your WAN—all while ensuring an optimized network that prioritizes bandwidth according to application requirements and demands.

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