Get It All From One. Get data, voice and a VoIP business phone system—all from one provider,
on one monthly bill, with no upfront CAPEX.

VoIP, Data and Business Phones: A Complete End-to-End Solution

Windstream Managed IP PBX offers Voice over IP (VoIP) voice and data network services, bundled with our award-winning Allworx business phone system in an affordable service package.

IP Simple™

  • Gain the benefits of a converged network: optimized, reduced costs, versatile
  • Address the demands of a mobile workforce with Allworx Reach™
  • Simplify your communications with a single provider and one monthly bill
  • Ideal for businesses with up to 250 users per site
  • The power to network up to 100 of your business locations
  • Provide an enhanced customer experience with automatic call distribution
  • Add UC collaboration that enhances internal communication and decision-making

Optimize communications and collaboration with managed unified communications (UC).

Optimize Workforce Communications and Collaboration

Customize your IP Simple Managed IP PBX solution to optimize real-time communications and collaboration, enabling capabilities like presence management, multi-site networking, mobility and unified messaging. IP Simple allows you to converge your now separate voice and data traffic onto a converged network so you realize the full benefits an IP network. Your IP Simple solution is designed specifically for your current and planned future business needs—with multiple Allworx server options to accommodate the number of employees to be served.

No Upfront CAPEX Costs, Cost-Efficient OPEX Solutions

There are no upfront capital costs incurred, just your monthly network service agreement expenses. Windstream owns the IP Simple equipment and manages it on your behalf, making your new, feature-rich IP Simple VoIP phone system an affordable, managed, predictable operating expense.

Managed IP PBX Features

  • Business Phone Systems
    • Allworx 48x Phone System for up to 250 users
    • Allworx 536 Phone System for up to 60 users
  • Allworx Reach™: Adds Allworx handset functionality and calling features to your Apple and Android mobile devices, via WiFi and cellular data networks
  • Flexibility: We’ll design the specific hardware and software elements that best suit your business
  • Support: Regular maintenance, as required, is included
  • Equipment System End-of-Contract Options:
    • Renew IP phone system at a negotiable rate
    • Purchase at fair market value
    • Upgrade to new system and equipment

Managed IP PBX Benefits

  • One Provider: Windstream manages all your needs—from voice and data network services to communications equipment
  • Affordability: Shift CAPEX to OPEX. No upfront capital outlay required. Windstream owns the equipment.
  • Network Convergence: Our network combines your voice and data onto one circuit, simplifying your network and lowering costs
  • Scalability: Flexible, scalable services and systems easily expand as your business needs grow
  • Support: Locally based technical support—provisioning and upgrades are done quickly and efficiently