Protect customer data and in turn, your brand reputation.

Every business places a priority on customer and business data protection. Yet many unknowingly put data security at risk with ineffective PCI compliance. When you consider that 96% of breached businesses were not PCI compliant, the need to improve becomes crystal clear. With Windstream's suite of PCI Compliance solutions, you can lower your risk of breach with tools, support and services that help assess your PCI status and meet all requirements for training, reporting and scanning.



Cost effective tools and services to assess PCI status and help meet all PCI training, reporting, and audit requirements.


Data Breach Protection provides up to $100K per location/year reimbursement for eligible breach related expenses.


Spend less time worrying about ever-changing compliance requirements and more time focused on strategic projects.

Windstream's PCI Compliance solutions include:

PCI Protect™

Provides financial breach protection and validates your level of PCI compliance with easy-to-use tools, training, and review of security policies and templates.

  • Security policy templates
  • Web-based training
  • Self-service ASV scans
  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
  • Record-keeping for auditor reports
  • Breach protection for each location
  • Available PCI Protect™ Premium Firewall with secure managed PCI complant firewall options

PCI Assist™ Plus

Expert, ongoing assistance from a dedicated account manager to help you stay aligned with compliance requirements. 

  • Managed ASV external vulnerability scanning
  • Managed PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)
  • Managed penetration testing guidance
  • Managed eLearning and more

PCI Certify™

Additional expert help to validate the Self-Assessment Questionnaire or to deliver a full-service PCI audit needed for evidence of PCI compliance.

Data breach protection

Data Breach Protection of up to $100,000 per location that covers expenses resulting from a qualifying breach. Includes a forensic audit by a Qualified Security Assessor, fines/penalties, credit card replacement, and consultation with a breach consultant.

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