No, No & No. Yes! There’s no hardware to buy, no software to install, no maintenance to perform. Windstream’s Hosted Email Security service is the easy, cost-effective and efficient way to manage your enterprise email security.

Hosted Email Security: All Inbound and Outbound Email

Windstream’s cloud-based Hosted Email Security solution not only blocks malware, spam, phishing scams and inappropriate email content before it reaches your network, it also enforces outbound email policies to protect your business from data loss. By stopping spam and email-based threats at the perimeter before they reach your network, Hosted Email Security significantly reduces the load on your email servers, saving you valuable bandwidth, storage space and time. Plus, reliable connectivity ensures your on-premises, remote and mobile workforce communicates and collaborates anytime, anywhere with around-the-clock email access.

Hosted Email Security Features

  • Perimeter IP filtering to block threats before they reach your network
  • Layered virus and worm scanning to block 100% of all known viruses
  • Advanced spam and fraud protection
  • Filtering and policy enforcement for outbound messages and attachments
  • Complete messaging continuity (including email spooling)
  • Group policies management
  • Gateway-to-gateway encryption
  • Detailed, audit and summary reports for all industries and applications

Hosted Email Security Benefits

  • Eliminate Threats: In-memory filtering stops email attacks with real-time monitoring and analysis of incoming traffic—concealing critical messaging gateways and shielding email servers
  • Filter Outbound Emails: Inspect outbound emails and attachments for inappropriate or company-private content and protect your company against loss of sensitive information and potential legal liability
  • Guarantee Business Continuity: Secure, easy-to-use web interface enables users and administrators to compose, send, receive and manage emails during any mail server outage uninterrupted