Stay Informed. Stay Connected. Proactively monitor network utilization and traffic metrics using Windstream’s Advanced Application Reporting (AAR) solution to solve performance problems faster, identify WAN connections with potential for bandwidth exhaustion, make informed infrastructure investments and optimize network connectivity.

Monitor Wide Area Network (WAN) Traffic

Advanced Application Reporting (AAR) provides comprehensive, enterprise-wide visibility into the composition of Wide Area Network (WAN) traffic on Windstream data network solutions. Through a secure web portal, AAR enables you to monitor network utilization, identify users and applications with highest resource consumption, and view specific time periods of interest to help you manage valuable network resources.

WAN Traffic Reporting with Detailed Network Traffic Metrics

AAR’s web-based reporting capabilities collect, format and display WAN performance statistics into numerous reports with real-time and historical utilization and performance metrics. Quickly focus on metrics such as interface utilization, interface capacity, stacked protocol, QoS, errors and exceptions—using default intervals like last hour, last day and last week. Intuitive and content-rich graphics display data in charts and other formats for quick and easy visualization, identifying traffic types, utilization spikes and other trends. Analyze traffic patterns and aid with support, troubleshooting, new application deployment and bandwidth planning to optimize infrastructure and performance.

Advanced Application Reporting Features

  • Advanced WAN application performance reporting
  • Numerous report types and reporting intervals
  • Passive data collection without deploying on-site probes
  • Windstream-provided servers, collectors and polling devices
  • On- and off-net domestic customer site reporting
  • MPLS World-Reach service reporting

Advanced Application Reporting Benefits

  • Identify congestion and trends to size network capacity
  • Manage your reports via an easy-to-use web portal
  • Generate or schedule email delivery of reports
  • View reporting on numerous sites in a single interface
  • Make more informed WAN environment investments