Conquer bandwidth bottlenecks, right-size the WAN and ensure network security and compliance.

The role of the network in delivering business success increases in importance every day, as does the complexity of meeting organizational needs. For many IT leaders, the best solution is to look to outside experts for insight, advice and support. Windstream's Network Audit & Advisory Services provide recommendations on network architecture and design to achieve optimized performance, reliability and enterprise level data protection and compliance. Delivering the bandwidth, availability and protection you need without investing more than you should.



Optimize and protect your network to achieve specific application performance, experience and business requirements.


Remove the burden of tactical/operational tasks so you can focus internal IT resources on strategic innovation and growth.


We’ll assess your needs and help you quickly and confidently rise to the challenges of a rapidly changing cloud connected world.


LAN/WAN Audit & Advisory

We'll examine existing network architecture and performance, identify challenges/issues and provide recommendations tailored to help you meet your objectives. Our professional network and engineering team will: 

  • Conduct a non-invasive, non-intrusive engagement evaluation
  • Simulate the impact of future applications
  • Recommend optimized designs to meet current/future needs
  • Suggest solutions to ensure application performance across the network
  • Make recommendations for cost optimization
  • Advise on assets including CPE, IP phones and mobile devices that access the network
  • Offer assistance on cloud migration strategies

Security Audit & Advisory

We'll assess existing security infrastructure and strategies and evaluate the network and applications for security vulnerabilities and threats. Our professional network security team will conduct: 

  • External Vulnerability Diagnostics — We'll quantify your risk level by providing a snapshot of known network device, software and configuration vulnerabilities
  • Attack and Penetration Testing — Using complex hacking techniques designed to identify risks and weaknesses that might be exploited by intruders/attackers
  • Security Program Diagnostics — A comprehensive evaluation of your security readiness including in-depth review of risk, policies, procedures and security monitoring capabilities.

Compliance Audit & Advisory

We’ll evaluate and validate your compliance with complex PCI DSS and/or HIPAA requirements, making sure they are correctly implemented at all locations across your network. Our experts will conduct compliance diagnostics, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing as needed to identify significant shortcomings. We will also provide recommendations to correct and remediate weaknesses. 

PCI Compliance Diagnostic – The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of rules and best practices for all businesses accepting payment cards, and a critical part of a comprehensive security program. Its purpose is reducing risk of payment card fraud through protections for consumers, merchants and merchant banks. Compliance is mandatory for all businesses that store, process, or transmit credit and debit card data. 

Many companies need help determining readiness. Our expert team will use PCI Compliance Diagnostics to evaluate if your controls meet PCI DSS requirements. The results will pave the way to protecting confidential data, identifying gaps and uncovering ways to help you manage the costs of achieving and maintaining compliance.

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