Move to the cloud with the best provider for your unique, exact needs.

Moving to the cloud is an easy decision; selecting the right vendors is harder. We'll guide you through the process, assessing your infrastructure and evaluating leading providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix or SoftLayer, Oracle FastConnect, Google Cloud, Rackspace and CloudSigma). We'll help you develop your strategy and determine what applications and servers can be virtualized, whether your network can handle a virtualization platform, and which cloud providers are best suited to your specific needs.



Our network, server and virtualization experts draw on partnerships and certifications with all major vendors.


While we maintain relations with leading CSPs and virtualization vendors, our assessments are based on fact, not favorites.


The solution you need, built on the right technology, with rapid response time and superior project management.


A Professional Services engagement for Cloud Vendor Selection will: 

  • Collect and inventory existing physical and virtual server hardware identified as candidates for third party cloud providers
  • Collect server performance metrics of the selected servers
  • Conduct a high-level analysis of existing applications as it relates to cloud readiness
  • Deliver detailed assessment results and recommendations of which cloud provider(s) are optimal based on business requirements


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