Resilient, High-Capacity Transport.Windstream’s Wavelength Services ensure you have the bandwidth, transparency and control to meet your applications strict demands—at a price that lets you scale your bandwidth without scaling your budget.

Wave service, End-to-End Fiber Wavelength Connectivity

Secure, End-to-End Wavelength Connectivity

With critical data spread across multiple remote locations, proper network speed, connectivity and protection are vital assets for secure data transmission and optimized communications and collaboration across the enterprise. Windstream Wavelength Services provide dedicated optical transport using wavelengths for end-to-end optical network connectivity for point-to-point configurations.

Wavelength Services for Speeds
Up to 100 Gb

Windstream Wavelength Services are available for speeds ranging from 1 Gb to 100 Gb. Regional, metro and long-haul optical transport delivers high-speed optical wavelength service in targeted cities across the U.S. within the Windstream service area, providing our enterprise customers, carrier hotels, data centers and POPs with over 60,000 route combinations.

Flexible, Secure, Cost-Efficient Optical Transport Technology

Windstream currently leads U.S. communications providers in the adoption of the most advanced optical transport technology in the core. Through our continued expansion and investment at the edge, Windstream offers the value and benefits of innovative optical service with connectivity in mind.

  • Customized: You gain unprecedented control over distributed data assets with dedicated point-to-point service. Our engineers custom design a solution based on your unique requirements for bandwidth and affordability, while also providing unprecedented diversity and protection. 
  • Implemented: Windstream's focus on continuous improvements and network modernization allows you to implement a high-bandwidth solution. You'll immediately benefit from our vast options for routes that fit your needs and POP diversity requests. 
  • Managed: Windstream's commitment to enhancing our portfolio of diverse enterprise solutions ensures your bandwidth and reliability requirements will never outpace service availability. Our network team partners with you to monitor service and guarantee long-term satisfaction and efficiency. 
  • Expanded: With Windstream, there's no limit to your ability to expand your data center load or improve your IT strategy. We're always working to ensure our nationwide fiber network is prepared for tomorrow's virtualization demands. 
Windstream Wave Services provides the needed bandwidth between locations; Data and IT Centers, Headquarters, Branch locations and Cloud Service Providers

Wavelength Services Features

  • Bandwidth Speed: Options of 1 Gb, 2.5 Gb, 10 Gb, 40 Gb and 100 Gb
  • Compliance: ITU-T G.709 compliant network with Forward Error Correction (FEC) to check and correct data transmission errors
  • Fast OTN Switching: Less than 50 millisecond Optical Transport Network (OTN) switching capability for protected service
  • Routes: Low-latency service routes between select cities in 32 states and the District of Columbia, as well as POPs in major carrier hotels
  • Support: 24 x 7 NOC monitoring and repair support
  • Estimates: Route and latency estimates available

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Wavelength Services Benefits

  • Virtually Limitless Network Scalability: Offers flexible bandwidth options, allowing you to scale your network as your business grows
  • Premium Solutions from a Single Provider: Provides multiple diversity options, enabling you to build protection networks with comprehensive visibility
  • Flexibility: Enjoy virtually unlimited bandwidth and expert staff dedicated to helping your business scale as your application load grows and bandwidth need expands
  • Proven Security & Reliability: Delivers secure, completely transparent and dedicated transport of your data with end-to-end support
  • Business Continuity: Provides multiple diversity options and comprehensive oversight into your networks as your data center and application requirements expand
  • Cost Savings: Acquire a highly resilient network without bandwidth costs consuming your whole business continuity/disaster recovery budget—with less cost per megabit than other managed transport solutions  
  • Support from a Single, Trusted Provider: Depend on a team of experts that will create a customized WDM solution as unique as your business—at a price that fits your budget

Windstream Wavelength Services Video

Big data, cloud-based applications, distributed workforces and multiple locations challenge your company’s network infrastructure. Watch this video to discover how Wavelength Services from Windstream helps ensure speed, capacity and reliability from your most vital network connections with a dedicated optical network.


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