The Safe, Affordable Option. Windstream Secure Internet is the safe, affordable network security option for businesses to protect critical data.

Advanced VPN Security Protects Basic Internet Services
and Your Data.

Secure Internet from Windstream is a managed network security solution that offers protection from a wide range of threats that arise from Internet connectivity. Our Advanced VPN Security Technology protects packets transmitted over the public Internet from being read or modified, keeping traffic secure and your company’s reputation intact. Augment your basic Internet services and protect your data and reputation. With Windstream Secure Internet, you can:

  • Choose the level of protection you need, with help from our network security experts
  • Implement secure end-to-end connectivity for branch offices and remote workers, and harden your perimeter with antivirus protection
  • Filter out dangerous packets and stop unwanted web content with Web filtering
  • Prevent unauthorized access to your internal network with a firewall
  • Preserve bandwidth and stop the abuse of Internet applications
  • Automatically stop network threats with an intrusion prevention system
Secure Internet diagram - IPSec VPN, Remote Access

Economically Safeguard Your Basic Internet Connectivity

Every business connected to the public Internet must provide robust network security for its employees, customers and partners to minimize the risk of Internet-based security breaches. Basic Internet delivers less expensive wide area bandwidth than an MPLS IP VPN, but it doesn’t provide a high level of security. Fortunately, Secure Internet from Windstream enables both lower costs and high security. Windstream Secure Internet is the safe, affordable option for network security over basic Internet services.

Secure Internet Features

  • Security: Get maximum security for locations such as a data center or corporate headquarters
    • Basic: Firewall and reporting
    • Advanced: Basic plus intrusion detection and prevention, Web filtering and antivirus protection
    • Premium: Advanced plus application control
  • Scalability: Adjust capacity dynamically to accommodate changing traffic requirements
  • Reliability: Secure connectivity with optimum network uptime

Secure Internet Benefits

  • Cost Effective: Avoid upfront CAPEX (includes all necessary hardware and software)
  • Fully Managed: Provisioned and maintained by Windstream network and security engineers, including securing, configuring and installing the necessary hardware
  • Support: Depend on knowledgeable 24 x 7, U.S.-based network support