Private Connectivity.A Virtual Private Network (VPN) over Windstream’s MPLS backbone provides private network connectivity for multi-site businesses, ensuring fast and secure data, video and voice transfer between multiple sites or locations.

MPLS VPN Optimizes Multi-Site Network Performance

Windstream's advanced MPLS Virtual Private Network Service seamlessly, rapidly and securely connects multiple business locations. Our IP core utilizes Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) based architecture that dynamically prioritizes and allocates bandwidth among voice, networking and Internet/data applications to optimize network performance. With Windstream MPLS VPN, your domain is completely isolated from other customer domains via dedicated paths that run across our backbone, ensuring communications and data are kept private and secure.

MPLS VPN Service Benefits
  • Operational Cost Savings: Reduces network management expenses
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Easy to add sites, change bandwidth and budget for network growth
  • Enhanced Performance and Reliability: Prioritizes all allocated bandwidth to optimize network performance
  • Reduced Risk: Windstream assumes responsibility for technology management and evolution
  • Access to a US-Based Technical Support: Available 24 x 7 
MPLS VPN Network Diagram, Edge Routers, Resilient Optical Core, NOC, VPN Port

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Features 

  • Fully Managed Solution: Windstream managed equipment, routing, configuration and security
  • Voice Data Prioritization: Allows users to prioritize voice or data through quality of service (QoS) levels, based on the customer’s unique business requirements
  • Service Level Guarantees: Guarantees performance for latency, jitter, packet loss and availability
  • Fully-Meshed Network: Allows regional sites to exchange data without consuming unnecessary bandwidth at the hub 
  • Easy Cloud Access: Easily access cloud applications with Cloud Connect, i.e. AWS, Microsoft Azure
  • Bandwidth Management: Add multicast to better manage your bandwidth, resulting in a reduced load on the sending location
  • VoIP Compatibility: Compatible with all industry standard VoIP protocols and applications

VPN QoS Options

  • Real-time QoS: Preferred voice network solution delivering premium QoS to your site, allowing you to maintain your own VoIP network
  • Mission Critical QoS: Preferred data networking solution providing the highest priority treatment to customer-defined traffic—ideal for credit card transactions and video conferencing
  • Business Critical QoS: Preferred data networking solution providing priority treatment to data networking packets over Internet traffic
  • Standard Data QoS: Best effort networking solution enabling data and Internet applications sharing across all locations

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An Access Diversity solution from Windstream keeps businesses operating even when their primary access link is cut and completely down. Learn about our various diversity solutions that let you choose your ideal balance of cost, bandwidth and availability—from physically diverse Fixed Wireless connections and dual-path fiber failover to economical choices like 4G Wireless Backup to be used on an as needed basis—we have the right business continuity solution for your business.

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