The Optimized Network. Managed WAN delivers the optimized network performance, diversity,
scalability and security you need, fully managed by Windstream.

A Customized Managed WAN Solution to Help You Succeed

Managing a WAN built with a mix of services that may include MPLS IP VPN, Internet, switched Ethernet, broadband links, wireless, voice and cloud connections is no small feat. And with limited staffing, it can be nearly impossible to do it just the way you want. Now, you don’t have to do it alone. The network professionals from Windstream provide the customized Managed WAN solution you need to help you succeed. With Managed WAN, you can:

  • Leverage our highly trained team of network engineers to maintain, monitor and manage your WAN
  • Enable ongoing network optimization along with prioritization of bandwidth, to ensure data, voice and cloud traffic coexist without interference
  • Deliver best-in-class network service quality and security, and free up IT time to focus on strategic initiatives

Network technology and applications drive business. Managed WAN from Windstream helps you deliver effective, efficient network services to support successful business outcomes. Do more with less. Take your network—and your business—to the next level with Managed WAN.

Managed WAN diagram - Monitoring 24x7, Event Management, Onsite Break/Fix Maintenance

Managed WAN Drives New Levels of Performance for
Better Outcomes

Your business relies on a range of applications with highly varied requirements for response time, throughput, reliability and security. Your network must support all these diverse needs, and stay within budget and staffing restrictions. Windstream network experts work with your IT group to develop and maintain an optimal configuration. We look at your business from a total requirements standpoint and apply creativity to develop a uniquely tailored solution to optimize your network services and accelerate business.

Managed WAN Features

  • Class of Service (CoS): Direct high-priority traffic over the appropriate network service via CoS policies
  • Monitoring: Maintain a higher percentage of network fill and less stranded bandwidth with ongoing monitoring

Managed WAN Benefits

  • Lower Costs: Reduce costs by utilizing Windstream network professionals to monitor and manage the WAN configurations and applications performance
  • Efficiency: Integrate and consolidate network services while maintaining required performance, availability and security levels
  • Flexibility: Harness the flexibility and agility of the Internet to quickly support fast-growing applications such as mobile, IoT and big data
  • Fully Managed: Optimize your WAN by having Windstream network professionals manage the complex mix of data, voice and public cloud traffic

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