How robust is your service level agreement? As you migrate more applications and business communications to the cloud, the risk created by single points of failure in your infrastructure is exacerbated. They can lead to network outages, which result in lost productivity and lost revenues. With all those potential choke points, you need to incorporate enterprise-grade resiliency into your deployment.

Diversity is the foundation of an effective business continuity policy

A diversity scheme improves the reliability of a signal by using two distinct physical access methods, following different routes from two distinct core network edges, to reach a customer building—resulting in no single points of failure at the last mile. At the transport layer, long haul diversity ensures the long haul transport paths don’t cross. At the service layer, providers can home services to multiple servers.

Windstream Diverse Connect: delivering guaranteed 5-nines reliability

Windstream Diverse Connect is a standardized business continuity solution that keeps your network endpoints connected, even in the event of a serious network issue. Offered as a part of a Windstream solution, Diverse Connect delivers high uptime backed by a five-nines (99.999%) end-to- end availability service level agreement (SLA) in an easy-to- deploy diversity solution.

Highest Uptime Icon

The highest possible uptime

  • Eliminates single points of failure
  • Keeps mission-critical applications connected
  • Protects against outages and router failures
  • Helps prevent future route collapse
Cost Efficiencies Icon

Cost efficiencies

  • Reduces outages that impact business
  • Saves you the time and resources spent designing your own solution
  • Offsets diversity costs with the access loops discount
  • Minimizes stranded capacity by using capacity on both loops
Simplified Management Icon

Simplified management

  • Offers a single point of contact for all your needs: Windstream
  • Provides a design standard for provable diversity
  • Reduces the need for network audits
  • Eliminates the need for professional services
Peace of Mind Icon

Peace of mind

  • Leaves diversity and resiliency intact during network changes
  • Offers performance and compliance visibility from Advanced Application Reporting
  • Supports your network with a five-nines end-to-end SLA

Diverse Connect Features

  • Continuous power source: Customers must have diversity from the power grid
  • Managed routers: Increase resiliency and diversity on-premise
  • Diverse building entry: Includes the last yards of the last mile
  • Diverse routes: Practically eliminate outages at the last mile
  • Homing arrangements: Loops connect to diverse edge routers
  • Available fixed wireless: Offers a path that’s distinctly separate from fiber conduit
  • 99.999% SLA: Delivers guaranteed uptime, end-to-end, right out of the box

Diverse Connect Benefits

  • Increased productivity: Ensures your business functions aren’t disrupted by outages
  • Business continuity: Your employees stay connected, even during the most catastrophic event
  • Improved customer experience: With virtually constant uptime, your customers can always reach your business
  • Reduced costs: Diverse Connect costs less than a customized, multi-vendor solution
  • No-hassle diversity: It’s engineered beyond redundancy to avoid common chokepoints
  • Peace of mind: With a five-nines SLA, you have the assurance of being always on and always available to your customers

Diverse Connect complements these Windstream solutions

  • Managed Router
  • Cloud Connect
  • Ethernet Internet
  • Dynamic IP

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