Balance Cost, Bandwidth and Availability. Enable business continuity while achieving your ideal balance of cost, bandwidth and availability with Windstreams Access Diversity solutions.

Access Diversity Provides Resilient Network Connectivity for Mission-Critical Applications

Last mile outages shouldn’t force you to suspend business operations. Windstream has the right solution to provide network resiliency and failover for mission-critical applications at any of your sites. Access Diversity solutions keep your business operating even when your primary access loop is cut and completely down. With Windstreams Access Diversity solutions, you can:

  • Avoid interruptions in mission-critical applications—including cloud—with diverse access
  • Maintain voice and unified communications services even when your primary network access is disabled
  • Increase the availability of any service carried over an access link between your site and a Windstream POP
  • Choose the best available diversity option for each link, whether dual-path fiber, Ethernet over copper or coax, Fixed Wireless or Wireless Data Backup

IT leaders have an increasingly important responsibility: to ensure business continuity. Leverage Windstreams Access Diversity solutions to ensure always-on connectivity for your mission-critical applications.

Access Diversity diagram - Dedicated Internet Access, MPLS IP VPN, SIP, Data Center

Access Diversity Protects your Business Easily and Economically

Windstreams Access Diversity solutions support a broad range of access technologies. Our expert sales engineers will help you design the best solution for your unique requirements so you easily and economically achieve optimal protection for your critical voice and data traffic at every location. Maintaining vital voice services and other applications and a growing dependence on cloud-based services makes it more important than ever to add access diversity to your WAN. Get the reliability you need to keep your business running, even in the event of a connectivity failure.

Learn more about Access Diversity in our blog article Redundancy vs. Diversity. Watch Your Language!

Access Diversity Features

  • Dual-Path Fiber: Get maximum bandwidth for locations such as a data center or corporate headquarters
  • Fixed Wireless: Opt for an encrypted fixed wireless link, with speeds up to 1 Gbps—the ideal protection against accidental fiber cuts
  • Diversity: Choose a more cost-effective diversity option such as Ethernet over copper when you don’t need the full capacity of fiber to maintain business continuity
  • Flexibility: Choose 4G Wireless Data Backup—which only activates when you need it

Access Diversity Benefits

  • Cost Effective: Use diversity options such as Ethernet over copper and 4G Wireless Data Backup only when you need it, lower costs
  • Fully Managed: Windstream designs and manages the entire service so your internal IT resources can focus on strategic initiatives that support the bottom line
  • Support: Depend on knowledgeable 24 x 7, U.S.-based network support