Secure, Anytime Access. Designed, configured, installed and managed WiFi network service with
secure, anytime enterprise-wide access.

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Fully Managed WiFi Service

Windstream Managed WiFi is an IP-based service offering fully managed, secure, end-to-end wireless network connectivity—enabling authorized users to connect to the Internet and communicate wirelessly via computers, tablets, smartphones and other authorized devices. We provide and install wireless, enterprise-class equipment and carrier-grade technology to leverage high-speed, dedicated Internet and securely deliver wireless data services across the enterprise. Your connections and network are managed and monitored by Windstream IT experts in our 24 x 7 Network Operations Center (NOC) with ongoing management and complete lifecycle support to ensure optimized network performance.

Wifi services for business

Self-Managed WiFi Service Option

For enterprise organizations with the in-house staffing and resources and a desire to manage and retain more control over their WiFi environment, Windstream offers a Self-Managed WiFi Service option. Windstream provides and installs the equipment, allowing you to connect to your own infrastructure.

Expert WiFi Solutions

No matter which deployment method you choose, our expert engineers will evaluate and analyze location factors, coverage and application/user needs including security and bandwidth requirements, and design, configure and install your secure wireless network. Communicate and collaborate more effectively with flexible, scalable and secure Windstream Managed WiFi Service.

Managed WiFi Features

  • Scalable from single locations to large enterprise footprints and expansive campuses
  • High-quality multimedia streaming with Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Robust coverage area and data throughput capacity per access point
  • Adaptive antennas for changing conditions
  • Stadium-specific, narrow beam technology

Managed WiFi Benefits

  • Delivers reliable WiFi connectivity with robust network security features
  • Reduces OPEX by simplifying network deployment, operations and management
  • Provides flexibility to communicate and collaborate in mobile environments
  • Minimizes technical support resources with a BYOD solution—freeing up valuable resources to focus on core business initiatives
  • Offers scalability to easily register new devices or add new site
  • Works in conjunction with your current broadband connection

Industry-Specific WiFi Solutions

We deliver customized, industry-specific WiFi Service solutions to meet unique, complex and specialized network performance, security and compliance demands for diverse enterprise businesses and organizations.