IP Simple Helps Deliver Excellent Service without the Capital Investment

“Our most important priority is our members. Windstream’s IP Simple allowed us to continue to provide excellent service to our members without a large capital investment.”

Tanda Woods SVP Administration, Tennessee Members 1st

Industry Focus: Financial

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Windstream Solution(s):  IP Simple

Web Site: https://www.mymembersfirst.org

Today’s credit unions serve more than 100 million individuals across the U.S. and they offer their members the promise of more control, lower costs and better customer experience than some other financial services options. Tennessee Members 1st delivers on that promise and invites members to be part of their legacy.

Tennessee Members 1st offers financial services to a wide variety of members in the Oak Ridge and Knoxville areas of Tennessee. While they were the first credit union chartered to serve U.S. Department of Energy employees, the credit union has expanded to also serve Anderson, Knox and Roane counties. A critical piece of delivering that experience is ensuring that the communications infrastructure needed to communicate with members is reliable and affordable.

The Challenge

Growth can be a challenge

Over time, Tennessee Members 1st found that their communications systems–voice and data–were struggling to keep up with their growth. The credit union was particularly concerned about their aging phone system. Replacement phones and spare parts were no longer available for their legacy system and the credit union was unable to expand the system at all. Additionally, technicians who could service the system were quickly becoming harder to find and more expensive.

The credit union’s board of directors recognized that their communications infrastructure was a risk to the high level of customer service that members expected and received, and that a change needed to be made. Tennessee Members 1st turned to Windstream to help identify a solution.

The Solution

Windstream’s IP Simple solution provides the reliability, flexibility needed

Windstream experts worked with the credit union to identify and prioritize a list of critical needs which included a highly reliable solution, minimizing administration of the system and maintaining low costs. Tennessee Members 1st also wanted to provide enhanced customer service options, such as access to a live receptionist/operator.

The Windstream team recommended the company’s IP Simple Managed Unified Communications solution. IP Simple gives small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) like Tennessee Members 1st the ability to leverage Windstream’s award-winning Allworx business phone systems with our VoIP and data services—for a complete, end-to-end voice and data solution from one provider, on one monthly bill.

“Our most important priority is our members. Windstream’s IP Simple allowed us to continue to provide excellent service to our members without a large capital investment” said Tanda Woods, SVP administration.

Additionally, the solution gave the credit union the network redundancy they required. If one location experienced an outage, they could simply reroute communications through their other location. They also valued the Unified Messaging capabilities, including having voicemail messages delivered as audio files to their email addresses.

Just as important, the Windstream IP Simple solution gave the credit union great flexibility when it comes to handling member calls. Members can reach a live receptionist, if desired, and employees benefit from the ability to transfer calls between locations and utilize the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature to provide better service to their members.

The Result

The right technical and financial decision to implement an IP voice solution

Windstream’s IP Simple solution is a great fit for Tennessee Members 1st. and gives the credit union the benefits many SMBs require:

  • Technology: Windstream owns the equipment and frequently implements new technologies, enhancing business productivity
  • Availability: Scalable and ready to grow as a customer’s needs expand
  • Expertise: Locally based technical support—provisioning and upgrades are done quickly and efficiently

Together, Windstream and Tennessee Members 1st have future-proofed the credit union, helping to ensure they continue to grow while still delivering the customer service experience that has made them successful.

“It was a pleasure to be able to see the transformation of Tennessee Members 1st from a business worried about their phone and data system to a business that was confident and even proud of the service they could offer through their new Windstream solution,” said Scott Holt, Windstream account executive.