Senior Healthcare Provider Upgrades Technology to Improve Patient Care

“Communications technology is no longer something I have to think about in my day-to-day operations because it always operates as it should.”

Susan Murty Vice President & Administrator, St. Ann’s Community

Industry Focus: Senior Healthcare & Housing

Location(s): Rochester, NY

Windstream Solution(s): Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Network Firewall, Ethernet, SIP Trunking & More

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St. Ann’s Community provides senior healthcare and housing in Rochester, NY. Founded in 1873, St. Ann’s Community is the largest independent organization of their kind in Western New York, employing more than 1,200 people at multiple locations. In more than 140 years of business, St. Ann’s has gradually grown to provide a complete continuum of care, offering everything from independent senior living to 24-hour skilled nursing.

The Challenge

Connecting campuses, caregivers and families

In order to provide true person-centered care, St. Ann’s Community requires skilled nurses and doctors, loving caregivers and best-in-class facilities. St. Ann’s also requires a technology infrastructure to enable their employees to work efficiently to provide the best care and the right communications solutions to ensure that their residents experience the best quality of life.

Before partnering with Windstream, St. Ann’s Community didn’t have a reliable communications provider; outages and long wait times for patient phone setup left employees, caregivers and patients equally frustrated. As a growing organization with multiple locations, St. Ann’s desired seamless connectivity between their locations and other local healthcare providers, such as hospitals and doctors’ offices. It was also crucial for their long-term care facilities to have the capability to deliver same-day phone service to new residents as they settle in, as the transition can often be difficult on them, but can be made easier through communication with family and friends.

Over the past four years, St. Ann’s has also made significant investments into their physical infrastructure, including the construction of two new state-of-the-art facilities that house the Wegman Transitional Care Center, the Leo Center for Caring, and the St. Ann’s Care Center at Cherry Ridge, a skilled nursing facility. As a result of this growth the patient and resident population also grew and sparked a need for technology upgrades that allowed for the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems and restructuring the communications infrastructure.

“Windstream has been an outstanding partner right from the beginning by delivering a customized solution that meets all our needs with the ability to scale and grow our services as our growth continues.”

David Moufarrege Chief Information Officer, St. Ann’s Community

“Prior to partnering with Windstream, we struggled with connectivity and encountered a growing need to enhance our IT infrastructure,” said David Moufarrege, chief information officer at St. Ann’s Community. “With customized solutions through Windstream, we now have reliable and secure connectivity that allows us to better serve our patients and residents.”

The Solution

Secure, reliable communications designed for healthcare providers

Security is top of mind for healthcare organizations today. St. Ann’s chose to implement Windstream’s best-in-class Wide Area Network (WAN) with Ethernet for Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and SIP technology to keep important patient information private with fast and secure communications between their many office locations and area hospitals. Windstream also provides Network Firewall, Intrusion Detection and Prevention and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to thwart intrusion efforts and keep data protected.

Windstream’s Ethernet and Virtual Telephone Numbers (VTNs) keep employees and caregivers connected across St. Ann’s multiple locations and buildings, and allows for the seamless and secure transfer of EHRs and medical images.

“With Windstream, our staff can easily communicate and transfer data between our facilities without concerns over connectivity or security,” said Susan Murty, vice president and administrator at St. Ann’s Community. “Another huge advantage is our residents can enjoy reliable phone and Internet that’s available the same day they move in, which is critical in helping them adjust to their new way of life.”

All of these solutions are supported by Windstream’s Winning team of managed services and security experts, which provides 24 x 7 support.

The Result

Improving patient experience through technology

St. Ann’s employees and residents enjoy the best in phone, Internet and data storage, thanks to customized Windstream solutions. St. Ann’s IT staff no longer has to worry about outdated technology, downtime or security breaches and enjoys a hands-off approach to their technology with a Windstream team that properly manages their network, cloud and security solutions.

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