Transforming the Banking Customer Experience with Windstream’s Smart Solutions

“Our Windstream representative took the time to understand all of our technical needs and ‘whiteboarded’ a perfect solution that aligned with our business and organizational goals.”

Dave Duchaj Senior Vice President of Information Technology
First American Bank

Headquartered in Elk Grove Village, IL, First American Bank is a privately held, full-service bank with 55 locations throughout Illinois and Florida. In business for more than 40 years, First American Bank truly takes pride in their customer service program, providing banking customers with personal attention, superior solutions and financial expertise. The financial institution offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, including personal finance, commercial and wealth management resources. They have the numbers to prove their success, too: to date, First American Bank has more than $3.4 billion in assets, making them the 10th largest bank based in Illinois.

The Challenge

Staying connected to meet customer needs

Being geographically diverse, First American Bank was back hauling digital voice services across their WAN to a phone centralization server. They realized Voice over IP (VoIP) trunking would help resolve the backhaul issues and even better, reduce the overall costs. Their incumbent provider, however, was only able to provide digital voice trunking using outdated network switching equipment. With an institution rapidly expanding their footprint, First American Bank needed a more robust and scalable solution to adjust for their bandwidth and voice allocation demands.

By migrating to an advanced Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) trunking solution to their phone system, First American Bank could more efficiently deploy a decentralized call center across multiple locations. With the addition of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), the institution could also go a step further to ensure that the voice system was not only reliable, but also secure. First American Bank put out the request for services and after being pitched by six different vendors, the financial institution ultimately chose Windstream.

“We didn’t feel we were getting a good value from our last provider, and with our business growing so quickly, we needed to address those communications challenges right away before we hit a stumbling block,” said Dave Duchaj, senior vice president of information technology at First American Bank. “We wanted to find a managed services provider with a specific track record—a proven one. Windstream fit the profile.”

Windstream was the only vendor with voice communications expertise and a successful track record of implementing SIP trunking services that approached First American Bank. Duchaj knew that they could maximize their contact center functionality through Windstream’s portfolio of voice and networking solutions.

The Solution

Adopting a robust solution for more personalized service

First American Bank implemented Windstream’s Dynamic IP (VoIP) service, which allowed the financial institution to prioritize and allocate traffic bandwidth on demand. The institution came to embrace Windstream’s SIP trunk-to-trunk overflow feature, which allowed for greater multi-location survivability and an overall more unified communications infrastructure. First American Bank also adopted Windstream’s MPLS networking solution, which supplied them with a fast and secure connection to dynamically allocate voice, networking and Internet/data applications across branches for greater efficiency.

“Windstream’s customized voice and networking solutions have played an integral role in taking our customer attention and service to where we wanted, and needed, it to be.”

Dave DuchajSenior Vice President of Information Technology
First American Bank

“Windstream holds true to their promise of ‘smart solutions and personalized service,’” said Duchaj. “Since we began our initial discussions with the company, our Windstream representative took the time to understand all of our technical needs and ‘whiteboarded’ a perfect solution that aligned with our business and organizational goals.”

The Result

Moving to the forefront of the industry

By implementing Windstream technology, First American Bank completed the concept of a decentralized contact center, fully enabling bank tellers at all 55 locations to take customer service calls from all over the country. By doing so, the financial institution was able to provide a more consolidated feel to their customer service and created a virtual support team to cater to their customers’ banking needs. On top of that, these solutions increased worker productivity with a minimum cost to First American Bank. Even better, the financial institution can record customer calls in order to ensure quality control, discover top customer pain points and explore which banking products and services are generating the most interest from current and prospective customers.

“Windstream’s customized voice and networking solution has played an integral role in taking our customer attention and service to where we wanted, and needed, it to be,” said Duchaj. “We’re learning more about our customers and better serving their needs. With this kind of technology and insight at our fingertips, we’re constantly improving the way we do business.”

With the help of Windstream’s Winning Team, First American Bank was able to completely transform their business model and elevate the way the financial institution interacts with customers on a daily basis. The innovative move allowed First American to become an industry leader and one of the first in Illinois to seamlessly route customer calls to their knowledgeable branch banking representatives. The move from digital to IP voice trunking gave employees flexibility and mobility to work out of any branch location.