Connect, communicate and engage your
retail customers—reliably, efficiently and securely.

Windstream Retail IT Consulting and Technology Solutions align data, voice, network, cloud and security services with robust retail IT network infrastructure and technology. We provide reliable connectivity and maximum uptime for retailers’ websites and contact centers.

Secure retail data transmissions

Engage Retail Customers with Secure In-Store, Online & Mobile Connectivity

Windstream specializes in customizing IT voice, network, data and cloud solutions to reach and engage retail customers with consistent, satisfying shopping experiences. No matter which shopping preference they choose—in-store, online from their desktops or mobile devices—our advanced network and data security solutions protect your business and your customers with secure transactions and data transmission, collection and storage.

Cost-Efficient, Retail IT Network Technologies,
Applications & Services

We know, the highly competitive retail environment and razor thin line between profit and loss demands razor sharp solutions. Windstream IT network and data solutions improve retail operations across the entire value chain—from suppliers to consumers. We maximize network performance while reducing your CAPEX and operational costs in the process. We help you do business more effectively, efficiently and profitably, with custom technology, applications and solutions including:

  • Network and Data Services: Offers wired and wireless technology and applications that are reliable, secure and scale to quickly adapt to the rapidly-changing retail business environment
  • Cloud Connect: Integrates your cloud services and applications with your IT infrastructure, providing highly secure, performance-optimized virtual and dedicated private access to third party public and private cloud providers
  • Managed Network Security: Unifies network security and threat management solutions to protect networks and data and ensure security compliance to meet regulatory standards, including PCI DSS and data confidentiality requirements
  • MPLS VPN: Increases security with private connections from remote retail locations to headquarters with real-time, distributed access to key inventory management, point-of-sale systems, supplier databases and other centralized resources and applications

  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS): Combines feature-rich VoIP, data, real-time and near real-time communications technologies and applications, optimizing customer communications and employee collaboration

  • Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS): Joins contact center technologies and applications, ensuring consistent, seamless customer communications and engagement across multiple touchpoint

  • Equipment: Tailors voice and network equipment from leading manufacturers to your environment by vendor-neutral experts

Retail IT Consulting

Windstream Retail IT Consulting professionals provide expert data, voice, network and cloud consultation. We understand the unique and pressing demands of retail. We help you assess, design, procure, build and manage your IT infrastructure, technology, equipment and applications. By focusing on outcomes, we enable you to optimize network performance and your end-to-end security posture while minimizing costs.