The E-Rate Program, administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), allows eligible K-12 schools and libraries in the United States to obtain affordable voice, data, network and cloud services. With E-Rate discounts ranging from 20% to 90%, qualifying schools and libraries stay current with new and changing technologies, applications and services, such as WiFi, Fixed Wireless and Unified Communications solutions. Future-proof your network to more effectively prepare your students with 21st century learning opportunities.

Approved E-Rate Service Provider

As an approved E-Rate service provider, Windstream has partnered with thousands of schools and libraries across the country to configure, design, install, manage, maintain and secure state-of-the-art voice, data, network and cloud telecommunication and data networks. Windstream consistently delivers the communication and IT solutions required for next-generation teaching and learning, while keeping an eye to value – maximizing every dollar in limited IT budgets.

E-Rate Eligible IT Technology, Applications and Services

Windstream offers a complete portfolio of voice, data, network and cloud technologies, applications and services that may be eligible for E-Rate Program discounts* including:

  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS): Voice, multimedia, unified messaging, presence management, mobility and other services unified on a single platform in the cloud for cost-efficient communications solutions and a more connected and collaborative school district.
  • Dynamic IP: VoIP service that prioritizes and dynamically allocates bandwidth for voice and Internet traffic on demand with a single network connection, optimizing bandwidth utilization and network performance in real time for maximum efficiency. The dynamic nature of the circuit also makes Windstream’s Dynamic IP solution compliant with the requirements for E-Rate category one funding.
  • Managed WiFi and Data Equipment: Delivers secure wireless data services to every corner of your campus, providing anytime, anywhere access without compromising network and student security.
  • Ethernet Internet: Provides Internet access with a dedicated connection, enabling the same speed for uploads and downloads—up to 10Gb.
  • Fixed Wireless: Offers high-speed access for data connectivity in select markets at speeds up to 1 Gbps. This solution can also be used for short-term/temporary bandwidth needs during student testing.
  • MPLS Networking: Securely transmits private data between multiple sites.
  • Managed Router: Provides worry-free, fully-managed router services for your school/library.
  • Windstream Managed Network Security: Unifies traditional stand-alone security applications into one robust, FERPA- and CIPA-compliant network security solution to protect your network, data and users.

Optimize Connectivity, Communications and Collaboration

With Windstream’s customized solutions, the educational institutions we serve bring technologically advanced, secure voice, data, network and cloud solutions to their students, teachers and communities. We offer the technology foundations necessary to optimize connectivity, communications and collaboration—to ultimately provide the best educational experience possible.


  • Communicate more effectively with parents regarding student assignments, grades and events
  • Add or upgrade to affordable next-generation services
  • Improve Internet-based learning
  • Connect and network with all school district locations


  • Make it easier for members to find material via on-line card catalogs and reference tools
  • Access more books and resources through inter-library loan programs and quickly communicate with members regarding overdue notices, reminders, book availability and library-sponsored events
  • Increase membership by offering high-speed Internet service
  • Engage in e-book programs, adding value to membership services

For more E-Rate Program information, contact a Windstream E-Rate Specialist. Service eligibility and funding determined by the Universal Services Administrative Company® (USAC). Visit the USAC Eligible Services List (ESL) for details.

* Service eligibility and funding determined by the Universal Services Administrative Company® (USAC). Visit the USAC Eligible Services List (ESL) for details.