Technology is redefining the way college and university students, faculty, administrators and staff connect, communication and collaborate.

College and university higher education network and telecom technology servicesWindstream's Network and Communications Technology Solutions for Higher Education provide the network, technology and applications to meet the high performance demands for high-speed, high-bandwidth connectivity with scalable, cost-efficient network solutions. From powerful on-site and online classroom applications to campus-living, sports, entertainment and events applications, Windstream delivers data, voice, network and cloud solutions that optimize network access and performance, seamlessly and securely from any device.

Higher Level IT Solutions for Higher Education

Undoubtedly, institutions for higher education serve one of the most sophisticated, technologically savvy users set, anywhere. Today’s college and university students are more connected than ever—from mobile devices, laptops and desktops to gaming systems and smart TVs. Whether they’re attending online classes, accessing library resources, collaborating via social media or streaming videos, the demands on your network can be considerable. Faculty and graduate research, heavy workloads, the need to transfer huge files and the simultaneous use of multiple applications and systems only add to the demand for reliable connectivity. From community colleges to multi-campus universities, we can design, configure, install, manage and maintain your network, technologies and applications.

Smart Technology Solutions for College and University Campuses

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Data, Voice, Network & Cloud Solutions for Colleges and Universities

Even at the largest institutions, IT resources are not unlimited. No matter how dedicated your IT staff may be, in the end, there are only so many hours in the day. Fortunately, Windstream provides simple, easy-to-maintain solutions that allow your faculty and staff to work more efficiently and collaborate more effectively. Windstream services can help augment your skill set with solutions to align your IT resources with your network connectivity, communications, collaboration and security objectives.

  • Secure and Protect your Network, Applications and Data: Windstream Managed Network Security solutions unify stand-alone network security services into one fully managed, robust network security and threat management solution—including firewall, Unified Threat Management (UTM) features, intrusion prevention and detection and more.
  • Meet Mobility and BYOD Challenges: Create an accessible, yet secure mobile and BYOD environment that accommodates demands for anywhere, anytime connectivity from any device—all while safeguarding access to legacy systems and reducing cabling and equipment costs.
  • Develop & Implement an Institution-Wide Cloud Strategy: Reshape your computing environment on demand, dramatically improving IT efficiency without additional capital investments, including highly secure Cloud Connect services that connect and integrate your cloud services and applications with your IT infrastructure to optimize network connectivity and performance.
  • Facilitate Future Operational Performance: Managed Network Services customize and manage cost-effective and efficient network and data solutions such as Managed LAN/WAN, Managed WiFi, Managed Network Security, Email Security, Web Security, Managed Router and Advanced Application Reporting.
  • Become a More Collaborative, Agile Institution: Implement flexible, feature-rich Unified Communications (UC) solutions to enable you to connect, communicate and collaborate utilizing a single platform in real time, improving operational efficiency, speeding issues resolution and optimizing knowledge and resource sharing. These UC solutions can be cloud- or premises-based, offering mobility, presence management, web and audio conferencing and much more.
  • Create a Single-Campus Communications Environment: Connect multiple campuses across town or across the country with MPLS Networking, a single private, secure network, fully managed end to end. Leveraging Quality of Service (QoS) allows you to prioritize your voice and data traffic—while mitigating IT complexity and eliminating the high cost of traditional services.
  • Maximizing Support Resources: Focus on your core strategic initiatives without having to allocate resources to monitor, troubleshoot or coordinate replacement of equipment. We can manage your devices—including routers, switches, wireless access points and VPNs, as well as Ethernet and firewalls—and provide 24 x 7 Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring and support.

Your Higher Education IT Partner

Windstream Higher Education professionals provide expert data, voice, network and cloud advice. We understand the unique and pressing demands placed on colleges and universities for high-speed, high-bandwidth capacity and reliable network access. We help you assess, design, procure, build and manage your IT infrastructure, technology, applications and equipment. By focusing on outcomes, we enable you to optimize network performance and your end-to-end security posture while minimizing costs.