The Rural Health Care (RHC) program, administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), provides funding to eligible healthcare providers for telecommunications and broadband Internet services, ensuring that eligible rural healthcare providers pay no more than their urban counterparts for the same or similar services.

Approved RHC Program Provider

Windstream has long been an approved service provider of the RHC program, consistently delivering the foundations necessary to optimize next-generation healthcare voice, data, network and cloud solutions for rural hospitals and clinics. As experts in healthcare communication solutions experienced in rural healthcare, we’ve configured, designed and installed and manage, maintain and secure healthcare networks, technology and applications for thousands of healthcare providers nationwide, many in rural America.

RHC Eligible IT Technology, Applications and Services

RHC Program discounts enable rural healthcare providers to save on current telecommunications products, upgrade to more advanced solutions, or even install new and improved technology and applications. With Windstream’s ability to quickly upgrade, modernize, consolidate or migrate to a cloud model, we offer turnkey solutions for eligible services including Unified Communications, Contact Center solutions, other cloud-based connectivity solutions, fiber and fiber maintenance, data center services and customized networks. We’re experienced in designing customized telehealth solutions that allow healthcare providers to more effectively and securely share critical data while maintaining quality patient-centric care. With Windstream's advanced technology solutions and RHC discounts, rural healthcare providers can:

  • Reduce expenses and travel time for patients and practitioners
  • Potentially decrease medical errors
  • Communicate and collaborate efficiently and effectively
  • Quickly share critical patient information or consult with specialists in urban areas
  • Maintain patient privacy requirements
  • Comply with stringent government regulations
  • Access continuing education programs remotely

Does Your Healthcare Facility Qualify for the RHC Program?

Healthcare providers who are interested in the Rural Healthcare Program should visit for more information. For information on the Telecommunications Program services eligible for RHC discounts, click here.

Can USAC's Rural Health Care Program Help your Healthcare Facility?

USAC's longstanding Telecommunications Program and the new Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program have made resources available to narrow the funding gap, making it easier than ever to claim discounts available through the Rural Health Care Program. The HCF Program provides a 65% discount on eligible expenses related to broadband connectivity to both rural healthcare providers and consortia. Windstream has worked extensively with USAC and other government agencies and has in-house experts who can help your rural healthcare facility determine its technology needs. We work closely with HCF participants and are knowledgeable with the process and requirements, making us well equipped to help our HCF customers navigate the funding process.

We know the details can be confusing. Use our “decision tree” infographic to see which program best fits your needs—and let a Windstream Rural Healthcare Specialist help with answers to your questions.