Windstream understands that keeping your business connected is critical. Our promise is that every business we serve will enjoy superior data, voice and networking solutions as well as customized, hassle-free service — all through a best-in-class network.

We specialize in both carrier and resale businesses like yours and will work with you to ensure your transition to Windstream is a smooth one.


Who is Windstream?

Windstream Corp. (Nasdaq: WIN), a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Little Rock, Ark., is a communications and technology solutions provider. Windstream’s subsidiaries provide IP-based voice, data services, MPLS networking, data center, cloud computing, managed hosting services and communication systems to wholesale carriers, businesses and government agencies nationwide. We also deliver broadband, digital phone and high-definition TV services to residential customers primarily located in rural areas and operate a local and long-haul fiber network spanning over 100,000 route miles.

I currently buy products using an existing contract. Can I still buy those existing products using the existing procedures I currently follow?

Yes. Your existing contract is not changing.

What are your plans to consolidate pricing?

Windstream continues to offer all its carriers and resellers the opportunity to successfully grow their business through utilizing our competitive products and leveraging our excellent back office support. As we consolidate networks and leverage the cost advantages afforded to the combined operations we will review pricing in all markets to allow our wholesale customers to be competitive without compromising our ability to offer the service and support for which we are renowned.

Will my ordering process change from what I do today?

We recognize the importance of our customers being able to continue to do business as we integrate the Windstream and PAETEC operations. As such, your ordering process will not immediately change.  As our integration programs continue we will integrate systems in order to make transactions more efficient and streamlined.

How will I find status information relating to my orders?

You will find status information relating to orders by using the methods you currently employ. We will continue to notify you as we improve processes and expand the use of our customer facing tools and systems.


Who will be my primary point of contact?

We will provide you with the names of your primary points of contact and those to whom you would escalate issues. Your National Account Manager (NAM) will be your primary contact for sales related items and product expansion, and your Senior Account Manager (SAM) will be you primary contact for day-to-day issues.

At Windstream we recognize that the success of the Windstream/Partner relationship is a result of people successfully working together. Therefore, in as many cases as possible, NAMs and SAMs will be those people who you have previously dealt with.

How do I order and price an opportunity that spans both the Windstream and PAETEC Footprint?

We want to ensure that resellers and carriers are not defocused from their day-to-day business as we integrate  the Windstream and PAETEC operations. Please contact your NAM to assist with sales opportunities involving products and services from both Windstream and PAETEC.

Please be aware that any wholesale services subject to Sections 251 and 252 of the Telecommunications Act will continue to be made available to carrier customers pursuant to appropriate interconnection agreements and may not be available through MSAs.

Will my billing process change from what I do today?

The billing process will not change in the near term. Prior to any changes taking place, we intend to notify affected resellers and commit to making any transitions as smooth as possible.

How will you keep me updated on developments?

Your NAM will keep you updated as the integration of PAETEC and Windstream services progress. We welcome dialog with our customers and would encourage you to raise any questions you have with us.

Who can assist me with any additional questions I might have?

Please direct questions to your NAM or SAM. If you need additional assistance please send email to