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Wavelength Services Get Wavelength Services Your Way Infographic

Learn why with cloud migration, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the proliferation of data centers, business networks are seeing more vicious attacks—and how Windstream Wavelength Services can help.

Wavelength Services How prepared is your network for cyber threats? Infographic

Private edge data centers incorporate optical encryption to secure in-flight data in the transport layer of the network as it's carried over optical waves.

bulletproof-your-networks.png Bulletproof your networks Brochure

Even the best-intentioned companies find themselves locked in damage-and-spin control, as they seek to help their customers or clients avoid the consequences of identity theft and keep their reputations intact. Learn how to avoid risk, data loss and exposure from security breaches.  Even the best-in…

resrc-icon-wave-service.png Enterprise Wavelength Services Brochure

Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) service or "Wavelength Services" from Windstream offers bandwidth speeds that range from 1 Gb to 100 Gb and 60,000 regional, metro and long-haul route combinations. Create a secure network solution offering point-to-point connectivity to accommodate increasing …

resrc-icon-wave-healthcare-brochure.png Wavelength Services for Healthcare Brochure

Windstream Wavelength Services for Healthcare gives you a highly resilient, high-capacity carrier-grade transport network capable of delivering the bandwidth, geographical coverage, security, agility and control your organization demands for point-to-point transport of critical healthcare informatio…

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