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Business Lines Features and Information Advanced Application Reporting User Guide

The Windstream Advanced Application Reporting User Guide provides information and procedures to help you effectively use the Advanced Application Reporting (AAR) product’s reporting capabilities. Use AAR data to help you make accurate decisions regarding cost reduction, capacity planning, troublesho…

Virtual PBX Th Virtual PBX Fact Sheet

Windstream’s Virtual PBX service delivers a secure, powerful and reliable network-based, carrier-grade solution. It bundles an advanced business IP phone system, high-speed Internet and voice services into a single managed solution—all at an affordable monthly cost for single or multiple locations.

Managed Router Th Managed Router Fact Sheet

From router configuration to installation, management to maintenance, Windstream Managed Router takes over management of the network-edge router, enabling optimal network performance, better internal IT resource allocation and faster issue resolution.

Hosted Ex & Collab Th Hosted Exchange & Collaboration Fact Sheet

Windstream Hosted Exchange and Collaboration enables businesses of all sizes to access email, IM and calendars on the go, regardless of device, via a web browser or through a client—all without having to manage the server or IT overhead.

Email Archiving Th Hosted Email Archiving Fact Sheet

Email Archiving powered by Windstream helps you preserve information, protect intellectual property, assure compliance and speed eDiscovery with fast, scalable, secure service that offers easy setup and use.

Infographic Sidebar The Hybrid Revolution Is Here Infographic

Hybrid technology revolutionized the automobile industry—for good reason. Hybrid and electric cars are efficient and better suited for changing conditions. Hybrid WAN offers similar transformational advantages for your company. Learn more.

Business Lines Features and Information Cisco Router User Guide

Cisco Unified WAN Services Platforms make it easy to evolve your network. Refer to this Cisco Router Guide for recommended migration paths for legacy products.

resrc-icon-mngd-network-security.png Managed Network Security Brochure

Network security ia a fundamental requirement for all businesses today. The growing number and complexity of security threats requires a highly skilled team of security professionals, seamlessly integrated with a layered defense plan to protect against hackers, malware and other threats in the virtu…

resrc-icon-fact-sheet.png Managed Remote Backup Fact Sheet

Windstream Managed Remote Backup delivers secure data protection 24 x 7 with data backup and storage on best-in-class backup servers in secure SSAE 16 data centers.

Default Tech Article Considering Moving to Hosted Communications? Checklist

Spiceworks May 'Good Fit' Campaign - powered by Mitel

UCaas Th 02.13 UCaaS Fact Sheet

Windstream’s UCaaS products are Unified Communications as a Service solutions providing the opportunity to leverage feature-rich IP Telephony platforms to enhance VoIP and data communications with minimal tono upfront capital expense.

Hosted Web Security Th Hosted Web Security Fact Sheet

Windstream’s Hosted Web Security cloud-based service is a cost-effective and efficient way to implement a Web filtering policy, while taking advantage of added layers of threat mitigation to maximize your organization’s Web browsing security

Managed Network Security Th Managed Network Security Fact Sheet

Windstream Managed Network Security unifies stand-alone security services, such as anti-virusprotection, firewall and intrusion prevention and detection into one robust managed solution that we set up, maintain and manage for you.

Default Tech Article Network Assessment Checklist

The pressure on your healthcare IT network today is intense. Clinicians need to securely connect, collaborate and communicate on demand, no matter where they happen to be.

Microsoft Exchange Pricing Hosted Microsoft Exchange Pricing Brochure

Review Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Collaboration plan features, additional exchange features and Standard, Advanced and Premier plan pricing.

Resrc Higher Edu Brochure Higher Education Brochure

No matter how complex your needs, Windstream delivers solutions with superior performance, enhanced security and exceptional reliability. That's why more than 450,000 businesses including four out of five Fortune 500 companies choose Windstream for data, voice, network and clous solutions.

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