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E-Rate Modernization Th 02.13 E-Rate Modernization Fact Sheet

Read the Windstream E-Rate Modernization Fact Sheet to learn about important FCC changes to the E-Rate program for K -12 schools and libraries. Find out how they’ve streamlined the E-Rate application process and increased funding for high-speed Internet access, WiFi and other data, voice, network an…

E-Rate Infographic Thumbnail E-Rate Infographic

Check out this infographic for a step-by-step guide on how to get started with the Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC) E-Rate program. K-12 schools and libraries can save up to 90% on eligible telecom services!

Default Brochure E-Rate Solutions for K-12 Education Brochure

Today’s schools and libraries need data, voice, network and cloud solutions that are able to grow and adapt as rapidly as the changing needs of those who teach and learn within them. Learn how Windstream can help meet the unique communications and financial needs of K-12 school systems and public li…

Resrc Higher Edu Brochure Higher Education Brochure

No matter how complex your needs, Windstream delivers solutions with superior performance, enhanced security and exceptional reliability. That's why more than 450,000 businesses including four out of five Fortune 500 companies choose Windstream for data, voice, network and clous solutions.

Resrc Most Of Erate Th E‑Rate Eligible Solutions Video

Windstream, an approved E-Rate provider, can help your K-12 school or library get the most out of the E-Rate Program. The E-Rate Modernization Order has brought major changes the E-Rate application process and new funding—saving schools and libraries 20% - 90

E-Rate Program

The E-Rate Program, administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), allows eligible K-12 schools and libraries in the United States to obtain affordable voice, data, network and cloud services. With E-Rate discounts ranging from 20% to 90

Higher Education

Technology is redefining the way college and university students, faculty, administrators and staff connect, communication and collaborate. Windstream's Network and Communications Technology Solutions for Higher Education provide the network, technology

K-12 Education

Engage students and empower educators with tools and technology to seamlessly connect across campus or across the globe. Windstream Education Technology Solutions provide robust, scalable, cost-efficient IT solutions to optimize district communications

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