One Size Fits None: Why SD-WAN Implementations Demand a Custom Approach

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When it comes to mid-market businesses…they are often underserved by telecommunications providers. They’ll see offerings somewhere in between those optimized for large companies, and bundled services for smaller businesses. Mid sized companies can get stuck, with much more complex IT needs than SMB, and far fewer resources than the enterprise giants.

Cloud services are only as strong as the networks that connect them


Will the cloud be the future of IT? Market intelligence and advisory services firm IDC recently released an insightful survey to answer that question.  Participants included 300 U.S.-based CIO and CTO staff members, knowledgeable about their companies’ network architecture, cloud, WAN and data center infrastructure strategies...

Empereon Marketing: Scalable CCaaS


Empereon Marketing works with leading companies to provide customer care, sales, technical support and help desk services. When it needed a solution that could respond to unpredictable call volumes and technology changes, Empereon turned to Windstream for Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) and MPLS transport services.

Growing our Metro Fiber Network in Philadelphia


Many things can affect how an area grows and prospers, including having access to a robust communications network infrastructure. Windstream is expanding our fiber and fixed wireless networks in the greater Philadelphia area so we can connect even more local data centers and commercial buildings—and help spur even more growth.

Windstream and EarthLink to Merge


The proposed Windstream and EarthLink merger will advance the Windstream strategy for building a strong, competitive business to serve our customers with a robust nationwide network and deep footprint of 145,000 fiber route miles— especially strategic routes located in the Southeast and Northeast U.S.