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Delivering a Superior Holiday CX to Our Retail Customers So They Can Do the Same for Their Customers


The National Retail Federation expects record breaking holiday-season retail sales with an increase of 3.6 to 4% this year – totaling $678.8B to $682B – up from $655.8B last year. That includes a projected 164M shoppers making purchases on Thanksgiving weekend alone! 

With so many critical selling days from Black Friday to New Year's Day, and with so much riding on success during this short window of time, retailers need to count on their network more than ever before to support their delivery of a superior digitally driven retail customer experience.

Consumers Expect a Unified Online/Offline Retail Experience. Are You Transforming Fast Enough to Deliver It?


While the industry's movement toward omni-channel has helped build a bridge connecting online and in-store retail IT systems and experiences, customers now expect the same speed, service, and overall convenience whether they purchase in-store, online , or on their phones. Unfortunately, what they get doesn’t always align with their expectations

SD-WAN: Optimizing the WAN for Application Policy to Support Digital Transformation and Cloud


Digitally transforming a business improves efficiencies, creates new revenue streams, and drives a better customer experience and increased user engagement. Cloud computing is a key pillar of the drive toward digital transformation. As applications move to the cloud, the wide area network needs to evolve to address application-specific requirements such as performance, security, reliability, and availability and prioritize them for mission-critical applications irrespective of their location — the datacenter or in the cloud. Satisfying these policies for all applications is necessary not only to enable operational efficiency (rationalize WAN transport costs) but also to drive the desired customer or user experience that is so central to an enterprise's digital transformation goals.

VMware vies for VeloCloud: Why Windstream and Our Customers Win


It's happened again, and we aren't surprised. VMware®, a global provider of cloud network and security services, announced they are deepening their network portfolio by acquiring VeloCloud™, a leading SD-WAN technology platform and Windstream's partner in that space. It’s another example of how the accelerated rate of cloud adoption is pushing providers to significantly up their game to meet customer demand for more, better, faster solutions to enable their success.

Are You Overlooking the Most Direct Threat to Your Network Operations?


DDoS attacks caused 22% of all network outages in 2016, with an average business cost of over $740,000 per attack. For banks, DDoS attacks can impact ATMs and shut down online transactions. For healthcare providers, they can wipe out continuity of care and team coordination. For retailers, DDoS attacks frequently shut down online shopping, sending customers elsewhere.

Ethernet: Fast, Safe, Flexible and Ready to Support Digital Transformation


Ethernet Fast Safe Flexible

Looking in the rearview mirror, Ethernet's improbable rise to prominence as the de-facto WAN connectivity standard seems inevitable. Born in the legendary hallows of Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) –incubator to technologies we take for granted like personal computers, laser printing, graphical user interfaces and object-oriented programming—Ethernet's flexibility and scalability helped it beat-out Token Ring and Token Bus (remember them?) as the global standard for connecting local area computer networks. As the PC market exploded, so did economies of scale for Ethernet hardware, which continued to evolve and accommodate ever-increasing speeds and complexity. Ubiquity, low manufacturing costs, support for increasingly higher speeds and the flexibility of its packet-based transmission paradigm soon positioned Ethernet as a natural method to deliver telecommunications carrier services for wide area networking.

Transforming airline customer experience using an innovative route to the cloud



The airline industry has always been highly dependent on IT. This has been true since long before the web – and way before smartphones – began putting unprecedented power into customers' hands. For example, the introduction of multi-airline computerized reservation systems like Sabre started transforming the air travel customer experience as far back as the 1960s.

CIO Opportunities Are Expanding Rapidly – It’s Time to Make the Most of Them


No other corporate function has evolved as fast or as dramatically as IT. Once relegated to keeping machines and networks running – tough enough when technology was younger – IT now has access to remarkable solutions that streamline everything from team meetings to customer acquisition and experience. With the increasingly common use of these solutions, we’ve reached the point at which the perceived differences between company A and competitor B largely depend on the degree to which each has succeeded in deploying new technology.

Health IT Week Spotlight: Technology that drives the patient experience


Health IT Week

As we approach the start of Health IT Week, I find myself asking a lot of questions. Like, has anyone had a confusing, complicated healthcare issue where they needed multiple doctors involved in their care? I have this unnamed auto-immune disorder which causes eye inflammation. I’m often confused about it and can’t pronounce some of the things I’ve been tested for.

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Goodbye Conference Room, Hello UCaaS with Anytime/Anywhere Communications in the Cloud


Yesterday's most popular workplace collaboration spot was the conference room down the hall. In most cases, it was supported by a PBX voice/phone system that might have lived in a closet nearby. Those days, like those of many other aging, legacy network technologies, are coming to a close. Today, collaboration occurs anywhere and everywhere, while the old conference room down the hall gathers dust, because the best place to connect and share ideas is now the cloud. And the way to get there is Unified Communications as a Service. The UCaaS era is here.