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Meet Chris Nicolini: Our Data Centers’ Big Data Secret Weapon


Today, Windstream Hosted Solutions’ data center operations include 25 data centers across the country—with plans to open more this year—and a full suite of cloud computing, dedicated hardware, data storage and managed services. Just seven short years ago, with only five lower-tier data centers, no one could have predicted Windstream’s growth in this booming technology space.

Data Center Downtime is an Expensive Proposition


$5,600 a minute. That’s a lot of money any way you slice it…and according to a new white paper, it’s the cost of data center downtime.

The report, from Emerson Network Power, incorporates findings from the Ponemon Institute. It surveyed more than 400 enterprise data center and IT professionals at 41 data centers. The survey found that based on an average reported incident length of 90 minutes, the average cost of a single downtime event was more than half a million dollars. The report quantifies the numbers, saying, “These costs are based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, data loss or corruption, productivity losses, equipment damage, root-cause detection and recovery actions, legal and regulatory repercussions, revenue loss and long-term repercussions on reputation and trust among key stakeholders.” Ponemon researchers discovered that, taken together, the total cost to the 41 companies surveyed from their most recent data center outages totaled more than $20.7 million.

Teaming Up to Fight Cyber Crime


We have all heard repeated stories about hackers trying to gain access to networks and their information.  I’m sure you’ve read about the “significant and tenacious” attack on Lockheed Martin’s servers. But that may be just the tip of the iceberg.  Northrup Grumman’s chief information security officer recently told attendees at a Gartner conference that “advanced attacks” have been conducted against his company’s network for several years.

Protecting Patient Information – HIPAA is Not Just for Hospitals Anymore


We’ve known this day is coming, and it’s just about here. Certainly, if you work at a healthcare organization (HCO), or work with one, you realize it’s only been a matter of time.

“This day” refers to the Federal Government, which has issued new regulations saying it’s not just HCOs that must protect patient information in a way that complies with the Health Information Portability and Protection Act (HIPAA). A notice in the Federal Register says the new rules will take effect next month. Here’s the bottom line: it will no longer be enough for hospitals or doctors’ offices to say they’re protecting patient information in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Under the new rules, if you’re doing business with those hospitals or doctors, you have to make sure you’re in compliance as well if you’re coming into contact with any of that information. The government believes that most of the $166 million cost of implementing this new rule (yes, you read that right) will be borne by health plans.

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