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When It Comes to the Cloud, We Often Evangelize a “Think Big, Start Small” Message


Windstream’s Cloud Evangelist advocates a “Think Big, Start Small” cloud adoption strategy for small businesses about to implement cloud computing solutions, redefining metrics from the end-user perspective (bottom-up vs. top-down thinking) to achieve the success in speed, quality and economic objectives.

Live from Cloud Partners: Session Overview—Marketing & Sales Tactics to Drive SMB Cloud Revenue


We’re keeping the Cloud Partners information coming with another great session around “Partner Best Practices: Marketing & Sales Tactics to Drive SMB Cloud Revenue.” Presented by Ryan Brock, Senior Vice President of Cloud & Channels for AMI Partners, this discussion offered tactics for cloud partners to employ to boost revenues and drive success.

Top IT and Telecom Resources: The Whole List


We hope you enjoyed our Windstream IT and Telecom Summer Reading Series. Throughout the series, our bloggers shared some of their favorite resources—other blogs, online publications, websites, articles, books and other resources for news and information—relevant to their respective areas of data, voice, network and cloud expertise. We’ve compiled all their recommended reading resources with links into a single list, “Top IT and Telecom Resources: The Whole List,”

Summer Reading Series Assignment #6: Small Business Technology


This is the final post in the “Summer Reading” series—which clearly means they saved the best topic—Small Business technology reads—for last!

Since the SMB customer segment is my primary focus, I feel the only way I can create technology products that provide value for small businesses is to really understand what SMB’s are all about. I need to understand their challenges, their successes, their customers, their competitors—I need to know them, not just know about them. 

Windstream’s Professional Bundle Relieves Tech Headaches for Small Business


Business phone. Voicemail. Wi-Fi. Broadband. Ethernet. Network security. IT network and telecom technology and services can all seem a bit overwhelming for small businesses just trying to balance day-to-day needs and costs of meeting them all. And to add to the ever-expanding list, business websites need constant updating and management, requiring both resources and know-how. Small business on average may spend $2,700 annually on website design and maintenance—not counting unexpected computer repairs or replacements. 

What’s Your Stance on Malware Prevention, SMB’s? “Malware Schmalware” or “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”?


Increasingly, non-malicious employee activities are cited among top network security risks. Picture this seemingly innocuous scenario? It’s 3:00 p.m., you’re sitting in your grey cubicle hunched over your laptop. You’ve been at it steadily since 7:30 a.m., your back hurts, your eyes are red and your brain is mush. “Just one minute of distraction,” you tell yourself—and click over to your guilty pleasure, to see how big the royal baby is today, or to check in on the latest sports scandals.