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Live from Cloud Expo: Consuming Your Private Cloud as a Service, Not as a Headache

Cloud Computing Expo Nyc

From the “Consuming Your Private Cloud as a Service, Not as a Headache” session at Cloud Expo, our Windstream blogger shares insight into private cloud implementation challenges, including the high operational burden on IT, infrastructure acquisition, data center management, cloud software implementation, expertise and network operations.

COMPTEL PLUS Final Thoughts: Private, Public and Hybrid: Selecting the Right Cloud Deployment Model


The “Private, Public and Hybrid: Selecting the Right Cloud Deployment Model” session at COMPTEL PLUS, moderated by Windstream’s Vice President of Enterprise Marketing, Pat Herron, focused on selecting the right cloud deployment model—public, private or hybrid—and what drives that decision.

Live from Channel Partners: Session Overview—Cloud Computing 360° Roundtable


It’s been an action-packed morning of great sessions here at Cloud Partners Expo. Cloud computing was the topic of the latest session I had the pleasure of attending. It was a little different than the standard format: a roundtable featuring several industry thought leaders and an energizing cloud computing discussion. The session, moderated by Jason Porter of AT&T, included panelists Dave DeCamillis from Platte River Networks, Mike Dillon of Quest and Jeff Kaplan from Breakthrough Technology Group (BTG).

So You’re In Banking? What Cloud Security Strategy Do You Bank On?


Like so many industries, cloud computing and cloud security solutions are rapidly changing consumer banking. Not so long ago, ATMs were the “big thing” in banking. We could drive right up to a money machine, press of a few buttons, and money magically appeared! The magic has only increased—increasing the need for solid cloud security strategies— as we access our accounts remotely, 24/7, from a variety of devices via cloud technologies. We deposit checks just by taking a picture of them. We can pay bills and in many cases, even accept credit card payments from our phones. The increase in demand for accessibility has placed an enormous strain on banking IT departments across the country, forcing computing and security innovation to be the norm.

Cloud + Optimization = Cloudimization: 3 Simple Guidelines for Optimizing your Cloud


Congratulations, CIO, you won the battle! You’ve moved your organization’s data into the cloud. Now what? Now it’s time to get that cloud optimized.

More than just a data solution, cloud migration can actually enhance your company’s bottom line. Cloud technology provides increased speed and agility, directly impacting business revenue. However, if your cloud is not optimized to operate at maximum efficiency, you may be inadvertently negating some of your ROI benefits. 

Cloud Computing: When to Make It Private


Should you make your cloud computing choice private? Perhaps—but it all depends on your understanding of “private cloud.” The definitions of “private cloud” vary widely across this industry. One of our previous posts, Getting Beyond the Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud Labels, sheds a little light on this topic.  But for this article, when talking about private cloud, I’m referring to a true private cloud solution—one that’s delivered privately “in the cloud”—not one that provides shared internal access on your own private network behind a corporate firewall. 

Guide to Cloud Computing Lingo: From the Windstream IT and Telecom Lingo Series


Windstream’s Guide to Cloud Computing, a glossary of cloud computing terms, is another installment in our series of “Guides to IT and Telecom Lingo”. It’s not designed to be a comprehensive list – just a non-technical guide to common cloud terms. We’ll update the Cloud Computing Guide and other guides with additional terms as the industry grows and changes.

Meet Windstream’s Cloud Evangelist: Kent Landry


As adoption of the cloud continues to increase, Windstream is projecting significant growth in the cloud computing and data center managed services area of our business. Having enterprise-class data centers located strategically across the U.S., interconnected on Windstream’s massive fiber network, Windstream offers the industry’s most robust cloud computing and data storage solutions. Windstream Hosted Solutions is supported by expert staff and engineers, including one of its newest additions—a person so knowledgeable that we’ve actually tapped him to serve as an “evangelist” for our cloud and data center business.