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Building the Digital Hotel of the Future

Hitec2014 Hospitality

Blogging live from  HITEC 2014, our Windstream blogger shares insights from  the "Building the Digital Hotel of the Future" conference session. In this session. presenters examined a Hyatt Hotel Corporation case study detailing the yearlong process of hotel technology upgrades to maximize guest satisfaction and potential revenue.

Effective Bandwidth Management for Hotels and Resorts


Wednesday proved to be another informative day at HITEC 2013 in Minneapolis. I attended a session centered on best practices for providing high-speed Internet access to hotel and resort guests. Obviously, much of the discussion focused on bandwidth management, a topic that becomes more relevant daily, as many businesses—especially in the hospitality industry —face the challenge of accommodating an ever-increasing number of connected devices.

Communications Technology Trends in the Hospitality Industry


Q & A with Don Reigel, VP of Hospitality
Hotel guests expect that the same communications technology available to them in their homes and offices will also be accessible during their travels. Windstream is one of the largest communications technology providers serving in the U.S. hospitality industry, supporting over 1 million rooms nationwide. In support of this large and continuously growing customer base, Windstream recently named Don Reigel Vice President of Hospitality.

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