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Windstream Invests in Detroit Expansion

There are few cities in America as interesting as Detroit. It has such a variety of influences that people can't agree on a nickname. Whatever you call it -- the Motor City, the Arsenal of Democracy, Motown, Hockeytown, the 313 – there is no question that Droit is beloved by its residents.

We are proud to invest in our hometown of Little Rock

Those of us who work at Windstream are proud to call Little Rock, Arkansas, home. Windstream is headquartered here, and our company’s connection to the city goes back nearly 75 years.

So you can imagine how excited we are to announce a major expansion of the local metro fiber network in our community. That’s because it creates a new level of connectivity and network stability for all local businesses, and expands the services that are available to our local customers.

Windstream Expands Fixed Wireless Technology in 40 Markets

A goal of 100% uptime requires not just redundancy, but also access diversity. That is why Windstream announced a strategic partnership with Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL) and Straight Path Communications Inc., significantly expanding last-mile fixed wireless options for customers in 40 markets across the country.

Fixed Wireless Solutions: Fast, Reliable, Secure


Windstream Fixed Wireless service uses digital microwave technology for fast, reliable, secure delivery of carrier-grade Ethernet supporting Voice, MPLS, VPL and Internet services. It’s available now in the Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, New Jersey and Milwaukee markets, and coming soon to Cleveland and Little Rock.