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Live from Enterprise Connect: The Contact Center Deployment Debate: Premises, Cloud, or Hybrid?

Enterprise Connect Vert

Live from “The Contact Center Deployment Debate: Premises, Cloud or Hybrid?” session at Enterprise Connect, Windstream shares panelists’ insight into the growing landscape of cloud contact center deployments and best practice considerations before implementing a premises, cloud or hybrid solution.

The Changing Face of Contact Centers Series — Part 3: Tag, You’re it—RFID and You


So what does RFID, or radio frequency identification, have to do with customer contact centers? In many scenarios, when an app or fob sends a message, an employee in a contact center receives the information. For example, automated automotive diagnostics may send a signal to a contact center that your vehicle needs service. We’re excited to be on the forefront of the RFID trend with Windstream’s contact center service solutions.

“Changing Face of Contact Centers” Series Part 1: Channels, Big Data and Managing the Workforce


In our five-part series exploring “The Changing Face of Contact Centers,” Windstream shares how contact centers are changing in ways that will revolutionize how customer service is delivered and received. In this post, learn how big data and workforce management solutions are empowering employees and improving customer service.

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