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A Twist on the Cloud Migration Path to Value

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Businesses migrating to the cloud are finding new direction on their path to value—a new twist on any cloud-related expectations. “The Path to Value in the Cloud: Where the Value Lies” report by Windstream and Oxford Economics cloud migration study reveals interesting twists as the race for efficiency through cloud migration has shifted to a drive toward growth, innovation and collaboration. 

Early Cloud Adopters, Your Decision to Migrate is Paying Off

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In Windstream’s Path to Value in the Cloud Trailblazers Report, research reveals early cloud adopters are performing well ahead of their competitors, reporting substantially better bottom-line results and projecting more robust revenue growth. We took a deeper dive into their cloud migration journey to determine what they’re doing different. 

Live from VMWorld 2014: Windstream’s Cloud Migration Services—Transitions Made Seamless

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In the “Cloud Migration Services—Transitions Made Seamless” session hosted by Windstream at VMWorld 2014, our Cloud Path migration tool demo highlighted benefits and best practices to facilitate physical to virtual server and storage environment transitions. Learn how automated cloud migration provides significant time savings compared to moving a server data using a physical device or rebuilding server configurations from the ground up.

Oxford Economics Cloud Migration Study: Insight and Impact

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The Path to Value in the Cloud research study by Oxford Economics and Windstream shows that the cloud already is central to strategic vision and operations and its influence is growing rapidly. The report offers insight into cloud migration strategy and planning, application and business function migration strategies, cloud success metrics and cloud decision-making ownership.

Hassle-Free Cloud Migration Solution: You Want One, We’ve Got One

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Windstream’s new cloud migration solutions enables simple, hassle-free automated migration of existing physical and virtual servers into our cloud platform. The data transfer happens in the background during day-to-day operations, allowing customers to continually operate without experiencing any downtime while reducing the migration process from days to minutes.

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