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COMPTEL PLUS 2014 Wrap-up: New Carrier Portal, Big Windstream WIN, and a Few Last RHC Thoughts...

Acm Award Comptel Plus2014 Tn

Our Windstream blogger wraps up COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2014 with reviews our new carrier portal announcement, Windstream’s ATLANTIC-ACM awards in the ILEC class “Voice Value” and “Data Value” categories, and final thoughts from the “Rural Telehealth: A Healthy Business Opportunity” session.

Live from COMPTEL: Software Defined Networking: How Carriers Can Gain Maximum Advantage


Reporting live from Comptel PLUS, Windstream blogger shares how Software Defined Networking (SDN) can be viewed as a software control, implemented to solve business challenges, whether they’re operational, functional, cost-based, etc. and how market demands bring service opportunities using four primary technologies in the “Software Defined Networking: How Carriers Can Gain Maximum Advantage” session.

Live from CompTel PLUS: Carrier Assurance Team—A Carrier’s Support Dream


With CompTel PLUS in full swing, I’m reflecting over the past few years here at Windstream. I do this before every tradeshow, wondering who I’ll see, which service providers will be around, how things have changed…I can’t help but get a little nostalgic, thinking about all the changes carrier service providers and the communications industry as a whole has experienced. Like most major organizations, Windstream has been through countless transitions, acquisitions, reorganizations—pretty much every “tion” other carrier services providers have experienced. We’ve revamped processes, realigned workgroups, revisited product solutions…basically, we’ve “re’d” a lot, too. 

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