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Standing Up for Businesses in Dallas that Need Fiber Deployments, Not Empty Promises

Dallas Skyline

When it comes to high-speed fiber deployments, Dallas has had its heart broken in the past. In fact, the city’s most recent “left at the altar” moment happened just last fall when a major provider announced it would hit the “pause” button on a planned fiber roll-out.

Business Continuity Planning: Why You Should Prepare for Hurricane Season in Nebraska

Business Continuity Planning

Businesses across the country—yes, even in places like Nebraska, Kansas, Ohio and Utah along, with the hurricane-prone East Coast and Gulf Coast states—should prepare for hurricane season. That’s because it doesn’t have to actually hit you—to affect you. Windstream shares insight into business continuity and disaster planning, services and resources to help you get prepared.

Tornado Season: Another Reason to Update Your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

Disaster Recovery Planning Th

Have you taken time to audit and update your business continuity and disaster recovery plans for 2015? Not that you need one more—but tornado season presents another reason to revisit your business continuity plans and look into disaster recovery options like Windstream’s DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service).