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Windstream's New Super-Fast, High-Capacity Solution Increases Network Capacity by a Factor of 10!


Windstream is deploying a new, super-fast, high-capacity network solution across our long-haul network to meet increasing bandwidth demands. With the DTN-X platform, Windstream can offer reliable, low-latency services for mission-critical applications with network capacity increased by a factor of 10.

Rural Healthcare Providers, IT Technology Providers, and the Government: Working to Build a Connected Network


Many rural healthcare providers (HCPs) across the nation are struggling with issues unique to rural healthcare settings. Quite simply, there are seemingly insurmountable hurdles that often challenge rural healthcare providers including recruiting and retaining qualified and committed doctors and staff, understanding and complying with new healthcare regulations, and maintaining limited budgets while providing quality care to their patients. 

Connected Campuses: Colleges, Universities and their Networks


Summer break is almost over for college students all over the country, and that means one thing for college and university IT teams, prepping their IT networks for the unavoidable increase in network activity, with many dreading the inevitable volume spikes that arrive faster than freshman dorms fill up with microwaves and futons.  

Tired of the “Where’s the Network Issue” Game? Win It with Managed LAN/WAN.


It’s pretty much a guarantee that every enterprise has experienced a network breakdown or slowdown at some point in their history. 

If you think back before managed LAN (Local Area Network) WAN and (Wide Area Network) services offered a solution for over-stretched IT departments, you can probably remember one of those days when: your network traffic was running smoothly in one location, while Internet browsing and database and/or server access came to a halt at another. Calls started flooding in to the help desk, with employees reporting problems, all desperate for a resolution. The only way to identify the issue was to conduct a network audit—taking time you probably didn’t have, depending on the size of your company, number of locations, and your IT resources. We understand: it was a stressful day, for your IT department, your affected employees, and it’s ok to admit – you were a little stressed yourself.

Advanced Application Reporting: Relief for Congested Networks


“Pandora Man.” “NannyCam Watcher.” “Big File Boss.” Almost every enterprise employs at least one of these individuals who have earned the “Bandwidth Hog” moniker. Although we might not have nicknames like these for them, their extreme bandwidth usage routinely clogs the network. And when networks aren’t performing at optimum speed, neither are the employees connected to them. For businesses requiring a better handle on bandwidth planning and allocation, Windstream’s Advanced Application Reporting (AAR) offers hope for congested networks.

Effective Bandwidth Management for Hotels and Resorts


Wednesday proved to be another informative day at HITEC 2013 in Minneapolis. I attended a session centered on best practices for providing high-speed Internet access to hotel and resort guests. Obviously, much of the discussion focused on bandwidth management, a topic that becomes more relevant daily, as many businesses—especially in the hospitality industry —face the challenge of accommodating an ever-increasing number of connected devices.

Game On: Why Your IT Department Hates March Madness


This spring, March Madness Live will bring streaming video to more devices—giving you more great ways to follow the tournament and your IT department more reasons to hate this time of year! Games on TNT, TBS and truTV will be streamed on multiple platforms including computers, tablets and mobile devices for free this year to pay TV subscribers. Games on CBS are again available on digital platforms. Broadcasters will also offer multiple and varied viewing opportunities including full game replays, video highlights and real time game alerts, all with social and interactive components. This could be a long week or two for unprepared IT departments across the nation. 

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