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Live from VMWorld 2014: Building a Business Case for Compliancy and Disaster Recovery in Healthcare: The Impact of Industry Regulation

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Blogging live from VMWorld 2014, our Windstream blogger shares highlights from the forum “Compliancy and Disaster Recovery in Healthcare: The Impact of Industry Regulation.” Session leaders reviewed how pressures caused by healthcare industry regulatory changes are driving reliance on IT systems, increasingly so in light of HIPAA compliance requirements—and offer valuable insight into developing a disaster recovery roadmap.

DRaaS: Choose Your Provider Wisely


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is not only a flexible, scalable and reliable business continuity and disaster recovery solution, it’s extraordinarily cost efficient. Windstream offers tips and resources to help guide you through the process of choosing a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provider and justifying ROI.

A Day in the Life of Chris Nicolini, SVP of Operations for Data Centers


In this "Day in the Life" vlog, Chris Nicolini, our Senior Vice President of Operations for Data Centers, shares why he believes Windstream Hosted Solutions is so unique. As Chris talks about the growth potential, investments in data center and cloud technology and the empowered data center teams of Windstream Hosted Solutions, it's clear he has a passion for data center operations and the team he leads.

Connected Campuses: Colleges, Universities and their Networks


Summer break is almost over for college students all over the country, and that means one thing for college and university IT teams, prepping their IT networks for the unavoidable increase in network activity, with many dreading the inevitable volume spikes that arrive faster than freshman dorms fill up with microwaves and futons.  

The Business of Business Continuity


With much of the business continuity conversation revolving around network and data protection priorities, it’s often easy to overlook that the term “business continuity” actually encompasses all activities essential to business continuance. Business continuity solutions ensure the performance and resiliency of all mission-critical business functions, allowing companies to continue delivering products or services at acceptable, predefined levels in the event of unplanned disruptions.