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Using Convergence to Simplify Mobility


Would you consider your business a ‘mobile organization?’ Rather, do you have a mixed employee base with people working from home, road warriors working in their vehicles, or people who meet in various office locations or areas of the building as part of their daily and weekly routines? The growth of the ‘mobile enterprise’ has rapidly changed the way that companies go about doing their business.

Are Your Passwords on the “Naughty” List?


If you thought that cybercrimes weren’t a worldwide problem, we have some numbers that may quickly help you to change your mind.

Worldwide, Norton estimates that cybercrime costs the global economy $338 billion a year; ZDNet says that’s more lucrative than the underground drugs market. And when you consider that more than two-thirds of us, according to Norton, are victims of some sort of cybercrime, it should make you want to do more than just sit up and take notice.

How state agencies connect with MPLS networking


Kentuckians will tell you there’s a lot to love about their state, from the bluegrass to its high quality of living.  But they may not tell you about how public schools, colleges, and businesses throughout the Commonwealth are connected through an advanced, flexible telecommunications network that rivals anything you’ll see in other states. Windstream helped design and implement that network, though, so we will.

Community and technical colleges, and state agencies throughout Kentucky have been linked together for the last five years, through an MPLS network. It gives students an incredible advantage, allowing them to take advantage of distance-based learning. For instance, students in a classroom in Hazzard can see a professor delivering a lecture from a classroom in Louisville, hundreds of miles away. And since they’re linked by both audio and video, they can engage in live-time discussions.  

Hacks Don’t Just Happen at Large Companies


Network security has been all over the news lately with several high-profile data breaches.

Hackers hit Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) recently, and the company has been trying hard to recover from both the hack and the embarrassment of having to publicly acknowledge that the hackers may have accessed the personal information of more than100 million account holders.  As if that wasn’t enough, the website Sony set up to help PSN accountholders to reset their passwords was taken offline as well. Sony says it was because it had discovered an exploit in the site that would have allowed others to reset their passwords again, allowing them access to potentially continue to do all kinds of damage.

VoIP Adoption: More and more companies say “yes.”


If you needed further proof that VoIP technology is becoming more popular with businesses and that its growth is continuing to escalate at a rapid pace, we’d refer you to a new study from our friends at Heavy Reading. In a nutshell, it says more companies are adopting packet-switched VoIP than ever before. More importantly, it says the rate of adoption will be speeding up over the coming four years.

Developing A Unified Communications Strategy: Part II


If you are looking for ways to improve your business’s efficiency, enhance employee collaboration and increase productivity, you have probably determined that a Unified Communications (UC) solution is right for your business. In this blog post, we’ll look at last two key factors in developing an effective Unified Communications strategy: the business case and solution implementation.

Developing a Unified Communications Strategy For Your Business - Part I


IT folks tend to view Unified Communications (UC) more as server/server or client/server environment and focus more on the underlying protocols and systems rather than on the needs of the people who ultimately use the solution daily. The real goal of UC should be to improve business results by enabling better, more productive person-to-person communications at the same or lesser cost. A fast, flexible, and feature-rich UC solution helps your business operate more efficiently, your employees collaborate more productively, service your customers better, work with suppliers more effectively, generate better business results and ROI, become a more potent competitor in the marketplace, and grow revenues.

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