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Why A Fiber-Based Network Is In Demand


Much of the buzz today surrounds smartphones, their abilities, and how wireless voice and data will render landline technologies obsolete.  While the exponential increase in wireless functionality and use are altering the network landscape, the reality is that landline-based technologies are still in demand.

Wireless phones are only "wireless" from the phone to the tower.  After that the communication path most often relies on terrestrial-based services that are currently being provided via copper lines but are quickly being converted to fiber optics.  Today T-1 lines that utilize either two or four copper pairs from the Central Office to the cell tower are being augmented to try to keep pace with the ever increasing backhaul requirements that have resulted from the increased usage of data centric wireless handsets.  As the wireless providers upgrade their networks to support the latest technologies, these copper-provided T-1 circuits will give way to fiber-based Ethernet services.

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