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Should You Go Public With Your Cloud Computing Choice?


If you’ve been wondering if public cloud should be your cloud computing choice, you’re not alone. Search “public cloud” on Google and your query will deliver more than 600 million results. Of course, many of them are from providers like us, trying to convince you to implement their public cloud solution.

Windstream Opens New Little Rock, Arkansas Data Center


This week, we formally opened our newest Windstream Data Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. It’s a state-of-the-art data center facility, designed to meet the growing business demand for cloud-based and dedicated managed services.  And it underscores our commitment to our growing business customer base nationwide.

Cloud Computing Predictions for 2012


If I've learned anything over my several years in this business, it's that technology changes quickly, but mindsets change far more slowly. And what's happening in the world of cloud computing is a perfect example.

A Federal case for cloud


Here’s a case where the Federal government is taking the lead on innovation that makes sense for just about any company out there.

A report from InformationWeek magazine reports a significant increase in the number of Federal agencies using cloud-based services.  Of the people who responded to a survey, the report finds almost three times as many are using cloud at their workplace as used it a year ago.  It also finds another 29 percent will implement cloud services within the next year.  Which means, the magazine says, that more than half of Federal government agencies will be using cloud solutions, in one form or another, over the next year.

Windstream celebrates data center expansion with soccer star Abby Wambach


If the name Abby Wambach means anything to you, bravo:  you’re a solid soccer fan.  For those of you who didn’t recognize her name right off the top, she is an Olympic gold medalist, player and coach.  During the 2011 World Cup tournament, her header in stoppage time against Brazil gave the US team the spark it needed to win, and advance to the Final Four.  And she’s also been named as the U.S. Soccer Federation’s Athlete of the Year.  In short, she’s a champion.

We don’t share this with you just because we’re fans (although we are).  We tell you this because Abby’s going to be our special guest of honor, joining us tomorrow to mark the formal expansion of our Raleigh data center.

How Companies Value the Cloud


Every now and then, we run across something that makes us scratch out heads and wonder.  We saw an article recently that made us do precisely that.

A new survey quoted in says most mid-market companies still view cloud computing as a complement, not a replacement.  The survey found that more than half of the companies surveyed are not pursuing a cloud computing initiative.  However, it was the headline that had us more than a little confused:  it read, “Value of the Cloud Overstated.”

Target’s Missoni Meltdown


At first glance, this appeared that this past week would have been a slam-dunk for Target.  As it turned out, it was Target’s website that was slam-dunked.

You probably saw the news stories:  Target introduced its line of products from Missoni, the Italian designer, ranging from stationery and clothing to patio furniture.  The company knew the debut would be popular, but obviously underestimated just how popular...

Avoiding Disaster During Hurricane Irene


Wow, between earthquake on the East Coast and Hurricane Irene that was a very interesting week!

In the aftermath of the first significant earthquake in recent years, we were hearing that Hurricane Irene was going to churn its way up the East Coast, and bring destruction at every point. The winds would be incredible, we were told, but the damage from the flooding might be even worse. People living in low-lying areas were moved from their homes; businesses boarded up their storefronts and got out. And everyone hoped for the best.

Data Center Downtime is an Expensive Proposition


$5,600 a minute. That’s a lot of money any way you slice it…and according to a new white paper, it’s the cost of data center downtime.

The report, from Emerson Network Power, incorporates findings from the Ponemon Institute. It surveyed more than 400 enterprise data center and IT professionals at 41 data centers. The survey found that based on an average reported incident length of 90 minutes, the average cost of a single downtime event was more than half a million dollars. The report quantifies the numbers, saying, “These costs are based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, data loss or corruption, productivity losses, equipment damage, root-cause detection and recovery actions, legal and regulatory repercussions, revenue loss and long-term repercussions on reputation and trust among key stakeholders.” Ponemon researchers discovered that, taken together, the total cost to the 41 companies surveyed from their most recent data center outages totaled more than $20.7 million.

Customers Stayed Online During Boston Power Outage


The power went out in Boston this week. And our data center customers never noticed a thing.

The Boston Herald reports that customers in Somerville, Charlestown and Cambridge, Mass., lost power when a utility outage occurred at a local substation.  Workers were performing routine maintenance and putting transformers back into service when the electricity was interrupted to six electrical circuits.