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WINNING Numbers: A Look Inside Windstream


The year 2012 is going to look quite different for Windstream compared to previous years. With the acquisition of PAETEC completed in December 2011, we now have a shifted focus. Windstream began as a primarily residential-focused ILEC just five years ago, and has evolved into a nationwide enterprise-focused communications services provider. In fact, our business customers include 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies.

PAETEC merger enhances Windstream’s capabilities


This is a very special day for all of us at Windstream. Today we officially combine with PAETEC and welcome thousands of great customers and associates into the fold.

Earlier this year, we announced the acquisition of PAETEC, a telecommunications provider with coast-to-coast presence.  Today, that merger takes effect, and Windstream now is a nationwide communications and technology provider offering even greater capabilities.  Together, we are an S&P 500 company, serving more than 450,000 businesses with more than 100,000 miles of fiber across North America, in major cities and small towns.

PAETEC merger is a WIN for customers


Earlier this week, Windstream announced a $2.3 billion acquisition of PAETEC, a New York-based technology and communications provider.

The PAETEC acquisition is terrific news for Windstream and for our Customers. 

Our customers will get the added benefit of doing business with a company with significantly greater resources, including a much more dense nationwide fiber network.  We will have more capacity to meet growing demands for IP-based services, managed services, cloud computing and data center services.

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