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Debating the Cloud


Occasionally, I enjoy engaging in a friendly debate with my colleagues throughout the industry about the direction technology is headed, and what it ultimately means to the people who will use and benefit from it.  I’m not afraid to take a contrarian position in order to provoke a healthy discussion.

It’s always good, however, to have others back your position; it gives you good ammunition and talking points.  Which is why I was pleased to run across this article on cloud computing from contributor Bernard Golden.  I agree with him…well, up to a point.

What patches and Advil have in common


I’m convinced there are days when IT administrators must go to work, enter their office, quietly shut the door, and proceed to bang their heads against the wall for the next eight hours.  Because it feels so good when they stop.

Every day brings new challenges, and just when you think you’ve gotten a handle on what’s going on, something new hits you from out of the blue.  You know that taking care of the problem is going to require a significant investment of your time and staff; yet, you know that ignoring it and hoping things will work out for the best is almost a guarantee that they won’t.

Patch management: a necessary evil


If you’re an IT administrator, you’ve probably come to regard the first Tuesday of every month as the Day of Necessary Evil.  It’s the day that Microsoft comes out with its security patches.  Some months they’ll have more…some months, less.  But this month?  Man, you’ve hit the jackpot.

According to Network World, Microsoft is delivering 14 security updates this week to patch 34 discovered vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer (IE), Office and Silverlight, eight of the 14 are labeled as “critical,” Microsoft’s highest threat ranking.   From here, I can hear IT guys muttering under their collective breath.  And I’m not sure I blame them.

Social Media Impact on Enterprise Security


For some reason, the image of King Canute keeps popping up time and time again as I think about the corporate adoption of technology.

If you don’t know who Canute was, he was the monarch whose advisors thought he was so great that he could command the waves of the sea to stop in their tracks.  He seated himself by the water’s edge, and proved that he could not.

Site crash fallout: Good enough for government, not for business


Every now and then, I have to simply shake my head. It seems as often as I, and other professionals, preach the business value of disaster recovery and business continuity...that's as often as someone comes along who clearly wasn't listening.

The latest example happened in our backyard last week. A snowstorm in New England knocked the North Carolina Employment Security Commission's Web site offline for two days; my guess is that thousands of people who usually access the site to track their unemployment compensation benefits or to file a claim were unable to do so until the site was back up and running.

Hybrid 'cloud' offers e-commerce providers options for holiday rush


How did things go for you on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

The holiday season is always an interesting time of year for e-commerce companies.  There have been a number of well-publicized issues with major sites as a result of holiday traffic in recent years; this year, Kohl's, Lowe's, Staples, Toys"R"Us, Sears, Home Depot, Victoria's Secret and Meijer were reported to have had troubles.

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