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What’s Disaster Recovery got to do with IT?


In a word? Everything.

During one of our webinars last week, we heard it straight from BC/DR expert Michael Croy of Forsythe Technology. You can’t have a solid DR strategy in the absence of a strategic IT plan—and vice versa.
Let’s face it. In today’s businesses, we rely on nothing more than our IT systems to keep operations going. In the absence of those tools and systems, a vast portion of our work in corporate America simply can’t be done. As folks consider the framework for their BC/DR programs, this is important to recognize.

Is cloud computing creating the next dotcom bomb?


It seems like everyone is talking about cloud computing these days. You can’t open a tech publication without seeing multiple stories on cloud and its applications.  Companies everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon—attaching the cloud name to their existing products and services in an attempt to capitalize on the cloud phenomenon. 

Some of these companies have a legitimate cloud-related offering—they’re either creating their own cloud platform or writing in API’s to tap into the services of other cloud providers.  But others are simply using the cloud name in an attempt to capitalize on all the hype.  How do you tell the difference?  And what happens if you do business with one of these “cloudy” providers?

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