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Mimecast Unified Email Management Solves Email Jail and Other Annoyances


Email management is vital as email communications are now an essential part of day-to-day operations for nearly every business in the world. In fact, you probably can’t imagine your workday (or even your personal day!) without your email. At some point, we’ve all experienced Microsoft Exchange email server limitations and the misfortunes and frustrations associated with them. There is good news, however: Mimecast, a Windstream partner, provides customers with a unified email management system that eliminates the most common technical headaches associated with email. 

Kognitio: A Lesson in Customizing the Cloud


If you follow computing trends, you know that three of the hottest ones right now are cloud computing, big data and business analytics. The combination of cloud computing, big data and business analytics has incredible potential: the idea that even small companies can take multiple terabytes of data and analyze them for trends that will enable them and their customers to do business more rapidly, more competitively and more profitably—at a price point far less than the cost of spinning up a complete infrastructure themselves.

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