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Waiting on Faster Cloud Provisioning? Not Anymore!

Cloud Automation Provisioning

Windstream’s new rapid automation tool is reducing cloud provisioning time from days to just hours, supporting end-to-end, on-demand provisioning in our Public Cloud. The new system provides automatic orchestration that allows for rapid provisioning without compromising customized solution designs, and is a more effective alternative to preconfigured network container options.

Business Continuity is Moving to the Cloud. So What Are You Waiting For?


Business continuity in the cloud can offer more flexible, scalable, cost-effective business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. While many businesses are realizing the tremendous opportunities and have integrated cloud computing solutions as a critical component of their overall business continuity strategies, largely unfounded or inflated concerns make some companies slow to adopt cloud services and cloud-based business continuity solutions

The Business of Business Continuity


With much of the business continuity conversation revolving around network and data protection priorities, it’s often easy to overlook that the term “business continuity” actually encompasses all activities essential to business continuance. Business continuity solutions ensure the performance and resiliency of all mission-critical business functions, allowing companies to continue delivering products or services at acceptable, predefined levels in the event of unplanned disruptions. 

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