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Austin Herrington is Vice President of Enterprise Voice Product Management for Windstream. He oversees Windstream’s enterprise product strategy and roadmap. He and his team develop, manage and market advanced products and services offered to customers nationwide, executing programs to help businesses achieve a perpetual state of winning. He was previously director of product management responsible for Windstream’s Internet portfolio and value-added services. Prior to joining Windtstream in 2006, Herrington was director of product management for Alltel. He holds an MBA from the University of Arkansas’ Sam M. Walton College of Business.

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Intro to UCaaS: Creating engaging experiences in the digital workplace


UCaaS is going mainstream. Like its older IP cousin VoIP, Unified Communications as a Service moved quickly from arcane acronym used by network engineers to become a term forward thinking line of business decision makers might be familiar with. Something that the latter group may not know are the benefits of moving to UCaaS; not simply from a cost perspective, but the impact on creating a great experience for your customers.

Connected Campuses: Colleges, Universities and their Networks


Summer break is almost over for college students all over the country, and that means one thing for college and university IT teams, prepping their IT networks for the unavoidable increase in network activity, with many dreading the inevitable volume spikes that arrive faster than freshman dorms fill up with microwaves and futons.  

Guide to Unified Communications Lingo: From the Windstream Telecom Lingo Series


In the telecommunications and IT world, we freely toss around terms like “UC”, “PBX” and “SIP” (Unified Communications, Private Branch Exchange, Session Initiated Protocol). These make perfect sense to those who live in this world. We often make up our own words and even change the definitions of existing words like “host”, “bit”, “gate”, “jitter”, “bug”, “trunk” and even “hockey puck” to suit our needs. 

Hosted VoIP Increasing Among Small Businesses


Enterprise companies have known about and taken advantage of managed services for some time.  As we’ve previously noted, that trend is changing, with more small- and mid-sized businesses investigating the benefits of having a third party host their network or manage their storage, network security and more.

But managed VoIP telephony has always been something of a holdout among smaller companies.  Big companies routinely implement VoIP-based phone systems that combine voice and data across one network.  The capital expenditures required, though, have prevented many smaller companies from taking the plunge.  In addition, some firms wanted their PBX onsite in case of a business continuity threat.

Teaming Up to Fight Cyber Crime


We have all heard repeated stories about hackers trying to gain access to networks and their information.  I’m sure you’ve read about the “significant and tenacious” attack on Lockheed Martin’s servers. But that may be just the tip of the iceberg.  Northrup Grumman’s chief information security officer recently told attendees at a Gartner conference that “advanced attacks” have been conducted against his company’s network for several years.

Demystifying VoIP for Business


If you’re frustrated with your current phone system, and even thinking about getting rid of your panned POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), in favor of a modern VoIP-based system, you’ll want to hold off until after you’ve heard what Zeus Kerravala has to say.

He’s a Senior Vice President and Distinguished Fellow at the Yankee Group research analyst group, based in Boston, and he’s one of the leading thinkers in this segment.  He’s our featured speaker at a webinar we’re hosting next  week, called, “Demystifying VoIP for Business.”  Zeus will be speaking about the top 10 misconceptions about VoIP and detailing how a hosted VoIP solution can streamline your communication technologies.

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