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Advantages of the cloud for small businesses


We’ve regularly talked about the proven advantages of computing in a cloud environment. By now, we’re guessing you’re pretty familiar with the litany of cloud computing advantages: no CapEx costs, fixed OpEx costs, the ability to scale your infrastructure to quickly meet your changing requirements—allowing you to focus your internal resources on your core capabilities while outsourcing IT functions to an external expert, and more.

Making Disaster Recovery a Priority for Your Small Business


If you run a small or medium-sized business, you’ve probably experienced a pain or two of frustration after reading story after story about how you should be implementing a complete disaster recovery plan. These stories are inevitably filled with great tips, but many businesses don’t have the resources or capital to implement them.

Getting beyond the public/ private/ hybrid cloud labels


For a high-growth market, the cloud industry is remarkably lacking in standardized terminology to describe what we are offering. Pundits often talk about the cloud turning computing into a standardized utility service, but at the moment the industry has not yet created the vocabulary and taxonomy that would enable customers to buy computing services based on well-understood composition. So businesses need to push their service providers for details on what exactly they are getting.

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